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Walter G. Haut Affidavit Surfaces, The Smoking Gun? 'Witness To Roswell'


Skilled Investigator
'Witness To Roswell' - Walter G. Haut Affidavit Surfaces, The Smoking Gun?

Here is a nice summary/review of the new book 'Witness To Roswell' with many details of what's in it. As the name attests, the book focuses on witness testimony, and Carey and Schmitt have a slew of new witnesses to report, including a few first-hand accounts of seeing the alien bodies:

"The prize witness is Walter Haut, as most of us know, the
Roswell base public information officer, who put out Colonel
Blanchard's recovered flying disc press release on July 8, 1947.

Haut in 2002 filled out a notarized affidavit, to be sealed
until after his death. Here the affidavit is revealed in full."

The actual affidavit can be found further down this page:

WOW! This might be the start of disclosure!
'Witness To Roswell' - Walter G. Haut Affidavit Surfaces, The Smoking Gun?

I am posting this here just in case it decides to walk off:


DATE: December 26, 2002
WITNESS: Chris Xxxxxx
NOTARY: Beverlee Morgan

(1) My name is Walter G. Haut

(2) I was born on June 2, 1922

(3) My address is 1405 W. 7th Street, Roswell, NM 88203

(4) I am retired.

(5) In July, 1947, I was stationed at the Roswell Army Air Base in Roswell, New Mexico, serving as the base Public Information Officer. I had spent the 4th of July weekend (Saturday, the 5th, and Sunday, the 6th) at my private residence about 10 miles north of the base, which was located south of town.

(6) I was aware that someone had reported the remains of a downed vehicle by midmorning after my return to duty at the base on Monday, July 7. I was aware that Major Jesse A. Marcel, head of intelligence, was sent by the base commander, Col. William Blanchard, to investigate.

(7) By late in the afternoon that same day, I would learn that additional civilian reports came in regarding a second site just north of Roswell. I would spend the better part of the day attending to my regular duties hearing little if anything more.

(8) On Tuesday morning, July 8, I would attend the regularly scheduled staff meeting at 7:30 a.m. Besides Blanchard, Marcel; CIC [Counterintelligence Corp] Capt. Sheridan Cavitt; Col. James I. Hopkins, the operations officer; Lt. Col. Ulysses S. Nero, the supply officer; and from Carswell AAF in Fort Worth, Texas, Blanchard's boss, Brig. Gen. Roger Ramey and his chief of staff, Col. Thomas J. Dubose were also in attendance. The main topic of discussion was reported by Marcel and Cavitt regarding an extensive debris field in Lincoln County approx. 75 miles NW of Roswell. A preliminary briefing was provided by Blanchard about the second site approx. 40 miles north of town. Samples of wreckage were passed around the table. It was unlike any material I had or have ever seen in my life. Pieces which resembled metal foil, paper thin yet extremely strong, and pieces with unusual markings along their length were handled from man to man, each voicing their opinion. No one was able to identify the crash debris.

(9) One of the main concerns discussed at the meeting was whether we should go public or not with the discovery. Gen. Ramey proposed a plan, which I believe originated from his bosses at the Pentagon. Attention needed to be diverted from the more important site north of town by acknowledging the other location. Too many civilians were already involved and the press already was informed. I was not completely informed how this would be accomplished.

(10) At approximately 9:30 a.m. Col. Blanchard phoned my office and dictated the press release of having in our possession a flying disc, coming from a ranch northwest of Roswell, and Marcel flying the material to higher headquarters. I was to deliver the news release to radio stations KGFL and KSWS, and newspapers the Daily Record and the Morning Dispatch.

(11) By the time the news release hit the wire services, my office was inundated with phone calls from around the world. Messages stacked up on my desk, and rather than deal with the media concern, Col Blanchard suggested that I go home and "hide out."

(12) Before leaving the base, Col. Blanchard took me personally to Building 84 [AKA Hangar P-3], a B-29 hangar located on the east side of the tarmac. Upon first approaching the building, I observed that it was under heavy guard both outside and inside. Once inside, I was permitted from a safe distance to first observe the object just recovered north of town. It was approx. 12 to 15 feet in length, not quite as wide, about 6 feet high, and more of an egg shape. Lighting was poor, but its surface did appear metallic. No windows, portholes, wings, tail section, or landing gear were visible.

(13) Also from a distance, I was able to see a couple of bodies under a canvas tarpaulin. Only the heads extended beyond the covering, and I was not able to make out any features. The heads did appear larger than normal and the contour of the canvas suggested the size of a 10 year old child. At a later date in Blanchard's office, he would extend his arm about 4 feet above the floor to indicate the height.

(14) I was informed of a temporary morgue set up to accommodate the recovered bodies.

(15) I was informed that the wreckage was not "hot" (radioactive).

(16) Upon his return from Fort Worth, Major Marcel described to me taking pieces of the wreckage to Gen. Ramey's office and after returning from a map room, finding the remains of a weather balloon and radar kite substituted while he was out of the room. Marcel was very upset over this situation. We would not discuss it again.

(17) I would be allowed to make at least one visit to one of the recovery sites during the military cleanup. I would return to the base with some of the wreckage which I would display in my office.

(18) I was aware two separate teams would return to each site months later for periodic searches for any remaining evidence.

(19) I am convinced that what I personally observed was some type of craft and its crew from outer space.

(20) I have not been paid nor given anything of value to make this statement, and it is the truth to the best of my recollection.

Signed: Walter G. Haut
December 26, 2002

Signature witnessed by:
Chris Xxxxxxx

[Source: Tom Carey & Donald Schmitt, Witness to Roswell, 2007]
Don Schmitt? He lost all credibility years ago. I don't see how this is a smoking gun anyway.

David Rudiak I like though. I see he did a review on it. Haven't read it yet.
This guy is just another in a pretty big crowd of verified military officers of the time that claim they had something to do with Roswell.
I heard a bit about this on C2C on Saturday. If true, I find the 'confession' rather compelling.

Of course, I'd want the following questions answered before taking it too seriously:

1. Who notarized the affadavit and will they vouch for it's veracity?

2. How did this document come into the hands of Carey and Schmitt?

3. Where is the original document now?

Assuming all three of those questions have good answers . . . yeah, that's a pretty amazing claim by a guy who would know the truth. Either he's a heinous practical joker, delusional, or he really saw a spacecraft with alien bodies.

That would be some wild stuff.

Gene and David should see if either Carey or Schmitt would agree to be interviewed on the Paracast.

Ashame he didn't give it to Stanton Friedman instead of Tom Carey and Schmitt ,though he could have done a lot worse. Schmitt was a director at the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO studies. I haven't seen much of Carey but he seemed alright.
This can't be faked for long. If those knuckle heads fabricated it, it will be known, in say....... 30 years. So, before long, us ufoologist will get to it and find out the truth! Because we are gud at that no!? Ok, although we suk, we do better than mainstream scientist (which is scary).

Stan Friedman will probably find out soon. Schmitty needs dismissed (postal worker biz). Hope they ask SF about this afro david when he's on. Even tho it's about Betty Hill.

There's issues with his statements but they will be swept underug. I'll mention them later if this becomes a big deal.
The Affidavit was kept with the family so unless the family want to lie about their own family member in such an elaborate way, it's real.
Also the son of another Roswell witness called into C2C and talked about his father and that Haut had talked with him about the bodies, he seemed sincere.

I'm unaware of any bogus claims by Tom Carey he doesn't seem like the type.
After listening to that C2C I have to take it as real.
The question is did Haut make it up to leave a legacy after death so people would remember him?
I already believe the Roswell crash happened so eh..
But that is the question..

thanks for posting the affidavit unfortunately it just seems to be another well timed release to help feed the roswell cottage industry ,,,it will sell some books but is far from the hard evidence i want to see.....if this affidavit convinces you you may as well join the neocons who insist the wmd's exist....for me roswell remains a mystery...the military had great reasons to cover up secret military stuff and many witnesses say something else happened,,,still could be either or....or both.....

after all the hype about the affidavit......reading it turned out to be a let down....my take is maybe haupt loved his town so much he wanted to help the tourism industry after he was gone.....i dont even think he was even concerned about his name being part of the legend although now it will be forever

i will say this though...aliens paying a visit to the earths first nuclear bomber base gives the whole roswell story some legs to me

im always going to have a problem with alien spacecraft crashing...seems to me you dont figure out how to travel 1000 light years maybe faster than the speed of light then get splashed by a bolt of lightning or a radar beam.....nasa's only had 2 in flight disasters in 50 years and some of the ufo kooks would have you believe these advanced races were graduates of the jfk jr john denver flight school...i cant buy into more ufo crashes than commercial airline disasters
courtlizzard said:
.... and many witnesses say something else happened....

I only know of one man who years later claimed something else and he was a counterintelligence officer.
He changed his story twice. I'm pretty sure he's dead, can't remember his name.
Witnesses either say nothing at all or those who talk say a flying saucer crashed.

About the crash..
A flying saucer crash doesn't seem the least bit weird to me even if the grays are almost godlike hundreds of thousands of years ahead of us. Considering how many alien space craft seem to be visiting our planet by abduction statistics and sighting statistics even if a small percentage are real that's a LOT of space craft in 60 years a few are bound to run into trouble somewhere. They might be venerable to directed radar as some military whistle blowers have claimed or they could have run into something from the nuclear and bomb testing.. All technological devices break down and just because something is more complex doesn't mean it has less chance of breaking down that's for certain.
The Hawk said:
The Affidavit was kept with the family so unless the family want to lie about their own family member in such an elaborate way, it's real.

His daughter is the director of the IUFOMRC, the main UFO museum in Roswell, the heart of Roswell's UFO tourism industry. And haut himself helped to start it up and used to serve on the board of directors. This is noted in his obituary.

Doesn't mean they lied, or he lied, but it is relevant.
yeah hawk...i agree a crash is possible for any technology but we have 5000 domestic flights daily in the us with an average of 1 crash a year......surely you dont think 5000 alien craft are flying over the earth daily,,,,,the math just doesnt work for me as far as the multitude of crashes claimed.........

now would aliens use probes to be crashed and discarded after gathering information......like we do....thats a more reasonable scenario i could accept.....but even then youd expect more star trek type scanning techniques with no probe needed

the most convincing piece of eveidence about roswell to me is that tape the brooklyn toy company supplied that had those childrens designs holding the balsa wood together......and if silver mylarwas used it would bounce back to its original shape like jesse marcel said

as i said i am not convinced about roswell either way....the government had plenty to keep secret at the 509th bommber base....and those secrets are something an alien race would probably be curious about....to me its still a tie between the believers and the debunkers
courtlizzard said:
yeah hawk...i agree a crash is possible for any technology but we have 5000 domestic flights daily in the us with an average of 1 crash a year......surely you dont think 5000 alien craft are flying over the earth daily,,,,,the math just doesnt work for me as far as the multitude of crashes claimed.......

I'm with you on this. To think that these alien craft are statistically bound to crash a few times is to assume their aviation technology has lots of mechanical parts and 20th century sensors like ours. And like you said, there are thousands and thousands of flights on Earth every year and our clunky aircraft rarely crash (though even one crash is bad enough). Of course, it is still possible, I just don't think it is very likely given the level of technology we are talking about.

Roswell would be a lot more interesting if we had hope that one day we could know. But I don't know how that could ever be possible apart from a body or the "real" wreckage going on display at the Smithsonian. I think it is a "cottage industry" like was stated in an earlier post and will never be anything more than that, unfortunately.
David Biedny said:
Well, without making any judgements about what actually did happen at Roswell, I think Paul Kimball's take on the Haut affidavit is rather insightful...


Wow, I was not aware of these things. Looks like this is just another dead end for Roswell after all. :( I am back to not sure what really happened.

"when I interviewed Haut and Dennis in 2001, they both asked for money, even though I was doing a film about their old friend, Stan Friedman. It was only when Stan intervened personally that they dropped their request. They are the only witnesses to any UFO case that I have ever talked to who ever asked to be paid for an interview, and in my case I was talking to them more about Stan and his career than the Roswell incident itself." - Please do bring all of this up with Stanton this weekend, I would love to hear his take on all of it.

"A final note - if the affidavit was given in 2002, and Haut died in 2005, why is it only now making the rounds within ufology?" - Another thing that bothers me is that from what I understand (from listening to the C2C interview) the book has been out since December of last year?!? Why are all of us just now finding out about it?

The only good thing about all of this is that most people do not know this stuff, so it will still get lots of people talking about it.

On a side note, here is a video of David Sereda (of little credibility) on Fox News talking about it a bit:

Well, the interview with Stanton Friedman was recorded last week, so I'm afraid it'll have to wait until next time we have him on.

it's no surprise that Foxy News chose Sereda to be the spokesperson for the UFO world, he's such a complete asshat. Besides which, hasn't he left for Andromeda yet? :p