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UFO Vaccination

Burnt State

Paranormal Adept
4E38B438-9240-4C41-8079-A716184010C2.jpegI tune in every now and then to see how the show has been progressing. Seems like we are in cohost rotational zone, but then The Paracast has gone down that road before many times. For me the classic version of the show is with O’Brien, as his encyclopedic knowledge was always a super credit to the show. The classic episodes, especially ones with the consummate clown of ufoology, and the melodious chords of Brad Steiger are still the faves.

But as far as unique voices go, I’ll listen to Curt Collins steady measured approach and superlative knowledge base any day of the week. The accent adds a lot dude.

Sorry to see Randall go, as there was a distinct perspective he pushed, and that was a welcome polarity to Gene who wears many masks depending on the occasion. For example, his persistence with Mic West demonstrates his own support for the phenomenon as worthwhile of study. I’ve always appreciated that and his dedication to the history of ufo culture.

But the whole vaccination debate? Dunno about that at all and certainly not comparing it to state sponsored racism - cool down. Vaccines are always a choice and the general medical evidence supports their value historically. Look who is getting nailed in ICU’s these days - those without a single or second dose.

Anyways - really good to see greer’s wedding planner still arguing for the magic of the mystery. Kinda miss the old forum days too, as there was a magic there with some pretty unique voices. Brilliant minds and writing and humour!

Still wondering if the philosophers have solved anything with their epic thread regarding paranormality’s magic. ?