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UFO experience


Skilled Investigator
I told this story once a long time ago but I'll mention it here since this is the proper area for it. From March of last year (copied from my report on the NUFORC website):

I am a graphic designer, age 30. The other witness is my girlfriend, a paralegal, age 23. We were driving to our 7:30 dinner reservation, which we were late for, and as I was going along my street I saw a bright star off to my left. I'm always looking out for ufos so I made some comment about this star to my girlfriend, and she replied to stop looking at it and look where I was driving.

At the next intersection I turned left, and now the object was in the sky in front of us (and slightly left of the road). The light had grown and now it was no longer a star, but many blinking lights. Its altitude in the sky was much lower than a plane, maybe between 500 and 1000 feet up. My first thought was "Damn that thing has lots of lights" but I actually wrote it off as a plane because my eyesight is poor and I couldn't see any detail. Then a few seconds later my girlfriend (whose eyesight is better than mine) said "What IS that thing?" I looked over at it again and I asked her to tell me what she was seeing. She could actually see the solid object and said it was grey and egg shaped, and covered with blinking lights. It was flying about as fast as a plane or a helicopter, but erratically. I could see the blinking lights, which were multicolored (there were at least a dozen lights to my reckoning), but my eyesight was not good enough to discern the shape.

By this time it had flown further to our left. I said "screw the reservation!" and I took the next left to follow it. The trees obscured our view temporarily but I drove in the direction that it was in the sky. As soon as we got to a clearer view, the object was nowhere to be seen. We were both very baffled, because it should've been visible in the sky.
Hello Brandon D,

I gotta ask.

Did you end up at your 7:30 dinner reservation on time?

Just curious,