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UFO Above Water


Paranormal Novice
I am a photography enthusiast and on vacation I like to ride around with my bicycle and take pictures, especially of nature, I know a few nice locations around where I live and on Thursday this week I was at one of my favourite sites on an island connected to the mainland where I live.
This Norwegian island called Jeløya is the largest island in the Oslofjord and is largely made up of a young lava rock-type from the Permian period.

I was sitting at a mountain near the water with my DSLR camera looking around to take some pictures, then I noticed something flying just above the water surface in the distance, at first I thought it was a seabird in flight, but it seemed to move much faster than a seabird.

Through my camera viewfinder I could see that it was a very small oval shaped object, maybe 2 feet or even smaller, white or silver in color that flew at high speed at same height and in a straight line.

I noticed it first in the sea between an oil refinery (left in the picture) and the island to the right, it was flying towards a lighthouse (white building right in picture).
In my estimate crossing that distance couldn't have taken more than 10 seconds, then the distance became too great and I lost sight of the object.
The distance from the object when it was near the lighthouse to where I was sitting was approximately 3.1 miles.

At least I got two pictures of this object, not very close or specially clear but something that can be classified as an unknown.

Last summer 2022, I observed two similar objects simultaneously in the forest behind to the left of this lighthouse (picture with painted white dots), they where flying back and forth and up that hill.

I should also mention that many years ago there was a sighting of a triangular craft near the oil refinery, and if I remember correct there was also smaller round objects in association with this sighting.


  • UFO between oil refinery and island.jpg
    UFO between oil refinery and island.jpg
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  • UFO towards a lighthouse.JPG
    UFO towards a lighthouse.JPG
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  • UFO enlarged 1.jpg
    UFO enlarged 1.jpg
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    UFOs illustration.jpg
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One of my favorite UFO pictures. Ask Nick Pope if this is one of the pictures that was taken down from his office while he worked at the MOD 1691770828960.png
OK here is the newspaper article from nick Poe that mentions this picture , and the fact that he says his Boss took down the Photo in his office. Then we have an article about the original negatives being lost by the MOD (its a good read) 'Best' UFO Picture Ever, the Calvine Photo, Found After 30 Years Missing


The we have the FOI (Freedom of information request) asking about the photos , is more information used to be available at the MOD.
In the Nick Pope article he summarizes a meeting he and his boss had " Summing up, the intelligence officer ran through the possibilities. Gesturing to the left with his finger, he said the object in the photograph wasn’t Russian. Jerking his hand to the right, he said it wasn’t American. He looked at us intently and said that only left one other possibility.

He pointed straight up. My boss and I couldn’t help looking up too. Then we looked at each other and then we looked back at the intelligence officer. His face was inscrutable.
" However in the second link about recovering an original photo the journalist says "Sadly, I do not think that mysterious aircraft arrived from another galaxy," Clarke wrote in a piece he published in the Daily Mail. "I believe it was man-made somewhere in a secret hangar—and whatever it was remains on the secret list and highly sensitive." Sorry to have not fully closed this mystery but I know that Nicks office had the picture taken down as I was not that far away.
Why couldn't you start a new thread with this article? This picture has also been discussed before in another thread and has nothing to do with my sighting.
Started a new thread as requested , Sorry T

As a photographer do you have any advice for the type of kit we should carry about to capture better shots of UFO's?
Is there an attachment you can recommend for people with Mobiles so we stand a chance of capturing a high quality picture of one of the objects?
Can you recommend any settings we should set as defaults?
Also if from time to time you return to the same spot where you took your photgraphs, what changes in equipment have you made and/or what are you looking to purchase so you can capture even more detailed pictures if the object appeared again and repeated the same activity in your already submitted pictures.
Thanks for really good questions 1stEarthBattalion and I am sorry if I sounded a little bit irritated ;)

I am not an "expert" in taking UFO pictures, I just was in the right place at the right time, and reacted fast with my camera in aperture priority setting mode and ready.

It would depend on how close or far away the object is and other factors such as light, movements of the object etc.
In the case with the spot where I took these pictures the best would be to use a camera with a viewfinder, telephoto lens and stabilisation to get sharp and get close enough because of the distance, so I will use my 55-200mm telephoto lens next time.

I am not familar with smartphones, I don`t even own one! 😳

Maybe the most important is to look up into the sky or over forest areas, where UFOs has been seen and where I as a kid in the 70s saw a flying saucer, (not kidding!), and not down into your phone if you want to capture a picture of a UFO.

But I guess one can look up all life and not see a thing, maybe it is the phenomenon that picks out individuals, I don`t know, we know so little about the UFO mystery...