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triangle ufo


Paranormal Novice
Just wanted to say that have witnessed the triangle craft on more than one occasion. These things are real. They make no noise at all, can hover and move with great speed. I have been seeing these objects since I was a small child. The ones I have seen have a light at each corner. The first time I saw one the lights were purple, and from there on they have been white. The craft is completely black from what I have seen in the dark. The craft have even followed me before when I was on foot. I have witnessed these objects with my entire family growing up. My wife has even seen the objects and been a part of the story. I 100% believe in the fact that these objects are not human powered. I have many stories if anyone is interested. I have listened to this show for some time now and want to say that these guys do not put up with any crap.
Welcome to The Paracast.

I agree you should pack a camera and video cam with ya at all times, if possible, then! :)

And don't stop, now, you said you have more stories?

I'm listening!

Where does this happen? What state/country? When's the last time ya saw one? Notice any missing time or strange scars, etc?

I've seen things similar to, but not exactly like this. The lights were clustered more tightly together and did a lot of multi-colored flickering. From certain angles it looked like just three lights, but I think it was actually a cone or tetrahedron with 3 lights on the base and one at the top.

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Chris, thanks for sharing. I can confidently say that wed all love to hear your stories here.

Out of curiosity, were the triangles perfect equilateral? or Isosceles?