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Triangle? Saucer? or fake?


There is no spoon
Guys, please see the following clip:

Ok, so i am a ufo sceptic meaning that i believe they exist but try to be very skeptical about most of the info,a quality that I believe Gene and Dave have which is why i like the show so much.
i have spent many hours trying to link up different ufo sightings so that we get some kind of pattern, as I believe patterns go a long way to backing up the evidence. For me the triangle UFO's are the most compelling since they have been witnessed on mass by police and military, so i looked at this shot, and compared it with the Belgium ufo, trying to match the triangle patterns, and to begin with, they matched perfectly, a triangle of 3 white lights... but then i couldnt understand how the red light fitted in... it seemed like they rotated, with the red light light rotating round them.... how did that fit in with the typical belgium triangle that we have all seen...
see this link...

ok... now watch the clip again, it looks exactly like the picture above, but still the red light doesnt fit, it seems like its rotating....

now, wait, think about the clip again, and now look at this picture which was released a few years before this clip was taken...

Does anyone else see the connection?
Its not a triangle afterall!!! its a disc!
Is it a fake you ask? my answer is this, almost all fakes have shown a lot more than just a few lights in the darkness, if some CGI guy wanted to spend time creating a fake he would usually put in a lot more detail, since afterall they usually do it to feed their ego's about how good at CGI's they are. This for me is compelling evidence that some sort of UFO exists, whether it is exreterrestrial is your opinion...

The Hawk

Skilled Investigator
I gotta wonder why the outer red light circles around the disk; what's the point..

Aaron LeClair

Paranormal Maven
I think it's a leap to jump to connecting the Saucer with the proposed triangle.

Stick with whether or not it's a ufo or hoax first. And get comfortable with the possibility of never being able to know anything further.


There is no spoon
Of course it could be a fake or a blimp or something. The flashing red light does look very similar to one that a terrestrial aircraft might have, I just don't know any that rotates.
Also, notice when the red light gets close to one of the white/yellow ones, it seems to be about the same distance as in the still picture.
Unfortunately my area of expertise is computer programming, basic astronomy/cosmology and telling whether people are lying (lol) so I dont have any idea whether the stills are faked or not.
Look pretty real to me though..


Nasty, noisy negativist


Illegitimate Clone
I gotta wonder why the outer red light circles around the disk; what's the point..
I've seen lights like this in Shanghai. They are generally kites with LEDs attached to them and flown at night. This one could be a kite or a triangular balloon.

The red light seems like a dead giveaway for an LED stuck on the string. Notice that it's relative position to the ground doesn't change as the lights on the triangle spins around the "string". If the red lights made irratic movements or changed positions that indicated it wasn't tied to something then I'd say it would be interesting.