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To Boldly Go Where No Living Star Trek Actor Has Gone Before!

Gene Steinberg

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If you have the spare change:

Yes he can wave at Jimmy Doohan while he is up there.
I am not planning on opening a GoFundMe campaign to get money to pay my way to space.

I'll wait for ET to come. Which means I'll be waiting and waiting.....
Well done 'Captain Kirk ' and reminds me of John Greenwald Jr post on Captian Kirk that was excellent . Wonder how's the UAP taskforce -and to the stars will they be next and will ET beam them up? On the Star Trek films are good without the UN style political dogma which in nature doesn't happen in multiple species (bees in swarms and ants in nests as individual species) . That's why the unknown phenomenon hypothesis decides , not ufologists nor UAP task force or skinwalker ranch is more on funding with a political dogma. Richard Dolan new book is a good read and will get Bruce Zabel book. In the end they will never release the core material as seen in 1970s. The phenomenon investigation needs to remove all bias not filled with wow and Nick touched on a excellent article on Mysterious Universe excellent site this one. On alleged crash unknown objects . While not going to post any my own research with notes , pictures and films screen grabs not kept on everyday ( system include mobile all easy access official- intruders ) from the vault as will produce in a book. Furthermore , the official documents originals not seconds and other material gathered from friends who worked in a number of fields of science and defense & officials. On RV Sats and other recording will included plus over nine years of collection and interviews with many inside the vault in coming months. These are not Walter Mittys either and back on Nick article on Crashes keep a open mind.
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I have a conspiracy theory for you. Mr Amazon , I have to give away half because of the way I treated my wife, look at my rocket. Had his main rocket developers resign over safety concerns for his rocket (so humming and shaking is bad) and for his flight he new us technical staer trek fans would not let Cap'n Kirk get harmed. So Be-Zeus brought Shat along more as a hostage to ensure he got home safely from his orbital jaunt . You only have to see the YouTube on how William got blanked by Be-Rude when they landed and Danny C went in for a hug.
Just saying .....
You know I am right.