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The Red Devil


Paranormal Novice
“Good evening Edgar, how are you feeling today?”, spouted Dr. Fellman in a croaky, quiet voice. He sat at a stainless steel table in a rather small, empty, dimly lit room. There was only one window on the wall to his right, and rain was pouring down from the skies. Coffee emitted steam from his white mug which read Red Oak Sanitarium upon its side. Fellman adjusted his thick eye glasses, then looked up to meet the eyes of his patient, Edgar Cook. Edgar looked disturbed and tears welled in his eyes. Fellman knew Edgar to be quite emotional, so he thought nothing of it. “I asked a question Edgar, don’t be withdrawn from me. You know you can speak freely with your doctor.”

“No, I can’t.”, Edgar whispered in a shakey voice.
“And why not?”
“I can’t speak of him. He will hurt me more.”
Dr. Fellman raised an eyebrow at his statement. “And who is he?”

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