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The Pentagon UAP Studies: At Last the Other Shoe


Skilled Investigator
SO if the DOD are trying to pass things off as terrestrial and some incidents are enemy spy drones/craft, and if they do not want to give away that they can see them watching us but do not want them to know that we know they can see us .............

Explain Malmstrom base incident where the Nuclear Missiles were reported to have been disabled.

The handpicked the 144 or so incidents for the report but they agreed to look into the Malmstrom incident.
for the younger amongst you here is a link about the Malmstrom incident - Malmstrom AFB Missile/UFO Incident, March 1967
Hopefully congress can pin the DoD to the post on this one and not, as implied by the report lead us into a debunking trap using the incidents THEY chose.