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The Media

Good documentary, but what are we to take away from this? If I were the enemy, knowing that this is what happens when you PO the Americans, I might think it was really bad idea. You are going to have your country turned into disaster zone, while most of the world watches it on TV. No matter whether it was over false claims of WMDs or placing a bounty on every American's head ( source ), it's just a really bad idea. It's like the American war machine was tacitly saying: "Maybe it wasn't Iraq who was behind 911, but we had to attack somebody, and if you ( the middle east ) attack us again, we'll take over another one of your countries ... maybe Syria. Eventually we'll get the right one. It's basically all one big desert anyway." Would you really want to get that kind of power ( whether it be good or evil ) focused on taking you out of the picture? Not me.
I admire your bravery for telling the truth about yourself. The answer for me is, not me either. Here is the story of one who did challenge that kind of power. He was a courageous and just human being:
I admire your bravery for telling the truth about yourself. The answer for me is, not me either. Here is the story of one who did challenge that kind of power. He was a courageous and just human being ...

Interesting documentary after you get past all the pre-school history. But given all the sentiment against legislation and legally holding people liable for their Internet content, I find it completely hypocritical that Reddit has the standard legal weasel wording that holds it's users liable for their legal bills if anyone should try to hold them responsible for user content.

"... Specifically, you agree to hold reddit, its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents, and third party service providers harmless from and defend them against any claims, costs, damages, losses, expenses, and any other liabilities, including attorneys’ fees and costs, arising out of or related to your access to or use of reddit, your violation of this user agreement, and/or your violation of the rights of any third party or person ..."

This is exactly the kind of thing that the video seems to be railing against, yet there it is their own TOS. The only thing worse than the unfair terms corporations put in their TOS agreements is someone who pretends to be all about rights and freedoms while at the same time expecting people to give them a pass on their own questionable policies. See the segment on TOS agreements starting at around 1:26:00.
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About Megyn Kelly ( Interview with John Stossel )
If you want to see her give Trump a hard time go to 10:25

Means nothing and it’s old news. One of the reasons she’s not at Fox News anymore is that Trump hates her.
Did you actually listen to what she said? She had a personal meeting with Trump where they came to a mutual understanding about their relationship in the media — he doesn't hate her at all.
Here's a guy who saw it all coming back in the 1960s ...

This Is Marshall McLuhan - The Medium Is The Massage (1967)​

Saw what? I don't have an extra 51 min. to waste, and I suspect most of our visitors don't either.
It's only a "waste" if you want to look at it that way. I don't. Others also might not see it as a "waste of time". You might be surprised. Being in the media for so long, I figured you'd already know all about McLuhan. He was very influential, and his insights on the use of technology are widely reflected in today's e-media. He even made a cameo in Woody Allen's Annie Hall.

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