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The Future of the Internet

It might happen in the backbone sooner than you think.

But this also has a promise that we'd finally get rid of those freaking passwords for good...
Yes, and I'm really disillusioned on all those being in the IAM industry for last 15 years... The same thing has been tried many, many times before.
Apple's system of creating/storing passwords for its recent devices is mostly functional, and it's an adequate substitute for now.
I'm not Apple user anymore, I left the platform. I started nice with OSX but I don't like where its going. Control, control, control....

If Linux Foundation were also involved in that initiative, I'd give it some chance to be good. But if its only some digi-giants yet again calling the shots I don't think so. Remember Microsoft Passport? There was also similar from Oracle, Sun and IBM I recall, that was equally forgotten.

This like this have to be open standards, otherwise they are doomed. Its nice this new thing is based on FIDO, but that also has lots of problems as FIDO is very basic architecture - no trust chains, verifiable identity etc.

There are actually some blockchain based initiatives that could actually deliver, but those are still in their infancy.
Well, control to Apple also means uniformity. And clearly it's had its advantages to the company.

Indeed, Mac sales are way way up, especially since Apple went to their own silicon for macOS:

Notice how close they are to Dell and HP in terms of number estimates.

As for me, I've used Apple gear since the late 1980s. I don't feel controlled. I just want things to work without fussing, although I can fuss with the best of 'em.
Heh, I've moved the full circle, using commercial UNIX in the 90's as well. Lately however Windows has become finally good enough to do actual work, since WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) was introduced. I've been using Windows 10 and 11 since that.
I do have still closet full of Linux and VMWare ESX boxes though.

Oh but to clarify: I use a Windows desktop with 16-core Ryzen for all actual work. MS Surface Go and 2015 Macbook Pro for a laptops.. I think laptops make people expect less. This desktop is easily 5x faster that those laptops.
depends what you do with them.

in Virtual Reality Apple is not even a player. I have two computer with high-end NVidia GPU and HP and HTC VR goggles.

I'd love to run Linux, but that is not the way of things yet.
Apple is working on AR, and will release something when it's confident it's simple and reliable to use — unlike what the regular PC makers do.
Yes, you Appleists go and believe that. Magic Leap has burned over a billion for that already with no results. I'm not holding my breath.

How to Mislead with Facts

"Under current conditions of escalating culture and information war, facts themselves have become weapons. Neither propaganda nor bad faith communication require the speaking of falsehoods. It is often more effective to mislead and misinform through a strategic use of verified facts."
In your case, you present falsehoods that I've corrected with numerous reference links. But you ignore the corrections.
Your censorship and unsubstantiated proclamations say otherwise. You want to prove yourself, reopen the COVID thread, allow free and open discussion, and make your case about my "falsehoods" — Otherwise save your accusations.
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Your statement is, itself, false. I don't know what sent you to the dark side of fake news, Randall. But this isn't the place to discuss it. It's something you have to deal with by yourself.
Your statement is, itself, false. I don't know what sent you to the dark side of fake news, Randall. But this isn't the place to discuss it. It's something you have to deal with by yourself.
Keep digging your own hole Gene. When you're ready to stop deleting my content and prove your statements — let me know. Your counterpoint so far has consisted of little more than character assassinations, offhanded dismissals, and references to unreliable "fact checkers" that don't address the issue at hand or can be easily debunked.

As for me being on the "Dark Side" I've got a PhD in medical ethics in my corner, as well as the tens of thousands of medical professionals who signed the GBD. You are so outclassed on this that you have no choice but to simply deny and censor or admit how completely backward you've got things. Either open the thread and stop deleting my posts, or you're just proving my case for me.
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I do, however, want to give the rest of you some real information about fact-checking sites.

People who don't want to hear the truth will claim they are biased or unreliable, and that's just not so. It's an excuse to avoid actually commenting on their research. They aren't perfect, but they do the research, and you can check their articles to see whether they messed up. Yes, they sometimes do, but not very often.

Here's a list of the most popular of the fact-checking sites so you can check for yourself and not dismiss them with false labels because they concluded that your favorite political is a serial liar: