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The Dark Prince

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Robert Baird

Paranormal Maven
Sorry Charlie (Zechariah, Hancock, Von Daniken and all), no aliens despite Oannes (the fish man) who is an allegory or metaphor for the Sea People who gave all culture to all their colonies.

The Gnostic Cathars

The propaganda against the Jews may have originally been fomented by the Benjaminites who had been thrown out of the Holy Land by the people of Israel. The House of Judah or Merovingians had their Phoenician (Hyksos) kin-folks take these elite overlords to Arcadia in Greece and they went many other places where their trading empires were already established after that.

The Golden Bough is a central resource for any student of religion and magic. In it we see Plutarch and other scholars were convinced that the bulk of the eminent male gods of the Mediterranean were imitations of Osiris and the original colonizers of Egypt. Apollo, Dionysius and the rest of them also started to have red-headed people offerings at the graves of Osiris and these gods, at frequent rituals. I believe this reflects the growth in colonial independence and the willingness of various colonies to stand up to the Hyksos (Phoenician Kelts) 'foreigners'. It also leads to a lot of Red Heads going back to places like Ireland. The increasing fortifications and indoor Temples also were ramping up as the Druidic influence became lessened and regional priesthoods sought greater power.

Then there came the desire for man to proclaim himself Divine while still alive. Many scholars say Alexander was the first to do this but I see Akhenaton/Nefertiti/Moses as a single person at one point in time (a possibility supported by Gardner and the actual bodies in the sarcophagi) who clearly had such an ego. It is therefore my belief that most nations are a result of ego and not a desire to improve government as we are often told with great certainty. Those who tell us government has been improved are paid by government as part of the trickle down that flows from sovereign nations rather than personal growth and empowerment of people. Who really benefits from borders and secret service agencies or war? Yes, this is an over-simplification.

One of the purposes of the Dionyistic or other religious cults was sexual gratification and some may have grown soulfully through that process. The Bacchanals were probably into the Tantric sexual system and we can assume there were many who never really had the right motives just as is true today with the Thelemics like Crowley and L. Ron Hubbard. There is a lot of evidence in Fraser's great book that deals with prostitution enforced to benefit the coffers of the Temple and we can be sure some of the priests enjoyed the opportunities at no cost. It is such a sickening program and one might wonder how concubinage was allowed in the Catholic Church until recently, given that they were also supposed to be celibate. My God! What a farce, and they have the audacity to Inquisition others or proclaim certain groups as heretics!

There is a lot to be learned through sexual union; and Tantrism or Wicca with their 'working-partners' can provide great insight. Kundalini and Bhakti are very spiritual uses of sexual and chakric energy. There are many Neolithic Libraries or stelae and bas-reliefs that show various sexual or Sutra-type positions. There can be no question that people have learned through these human experiences for as long as man has existed if not before. You do not need to be literate to become a 'sensitive' or adept seer. Even as women were made slaves or harem baby-factory chattel the experiences of sex still brought great understanding and wisdom to women. But we suffer a repression of such potentials to this very day.

Some propagandists of the time of Christ and the Gospels, which were written 30 to 70 years after his death, would have us believe Mary was a prostitute and that Jesus was the Dark Prince because he associated with her and drank fermented grape. As I have pointed out, the idea that Jesus had a co-equal mortal mate is problematical to the proposition that he is 'the only begotten' and it is even more divergent from Augustine's creation of the 'Original Sin' with women as 'the harbingers' thereof. There are many Divinely Inspired authors in this tacky propaganda scenario. Jerome and the Vulgate, Philo the Jew, Josephus, and Paul, just to name a few. I prefer the anti-Semite Origen or Clement who refused to be bought by all the power this deceit brought to the newly burgeoning plagiarization fomented by Rome. The Dead Sea Scrolls show us a leather scriptural document attributed to Abraham. Such an old document would have impressed the impressionable who would not have known it was a fake. In the science of today it is carbon-dated to make it clear this was just another fraud.

In a more speculative vein we have the Rennes-le-Chateau artwork that shows Jesus in PLAID swaddling clothes. There is a great deal about the natural pentagram that the Pyrenees form in this area that would make a whole book on its own. Nostradamus was born near here and there was a Druidic University in very early times. Tartessus and the Phocaeans of Massalia and archaeology including mines off the coast of present day Marseilles, would have to be considered. We will only touch upon these things including the pentagon-dodecahedron but the Earth Energy Grid that is so important in the evaluation of the ancients and their use of the Harmonic. The Harmonic is a vital issue we must consider quite fully.

The Cathars and the Templars as well as the treasure(s) of Solomon and the Phoenician drug trade, that may be part of why the present Marseilles still plays an important part in this enterprise; joins with the 'nuraghi' and the Shardana or Legurians who are all Kelts in the Phoenician Brotherhood. Rennes-le-Chateau is important to Mary and the family of Jesus as anyone who has read anything about it will know. In fact one can wonder about the Magdalenian culture and the part that the Basque play in the route that existed via island hopping from the Bay of Biscay to Bimini before the Straits of Gibraltar formed. It is a very ancient place of human culture and there are archaeologic proofs of homes here going back to almost 500,000 years ago.

I have seen a picture and read about bagpipes on the Great Pyramid from its early construction days. The Egyptians never made or played these eerie instruments of my forbears. Given that there are no evidences of Cheops except a cartouche in the time of reconstruction crews, and MacDari's linguistics about Cheops being a reversal of the Irish (which of their languages and scripts I do not know) for 'spirit' (Spoehc), I think these bagpipes are meaningful. I think the Giza Pyramids and the funerary stories of the Pharaoh's were a fabrication by later people who knew little about their real purpose and the knowledge required to build them. Certainly there is ample proof that ego and leaders often seek such immortal monuments to associate themselves with; and why are there no human remains in these Pyramids? The lid of the supposed sarcophagus isn't even there. This bed situated in the King's Chamber, as it is called, has 1/150th of an inch fit and tolerances. This could not be done without ultrasonic drills or some very advanced technology. Such technology is not likely given to 'hunters and gatherers' such as the Egyptians were. But, I do not believe it was an alien influence in any way. (Dunn explains it.)