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The Black Hope Curse


Paranormal Novice
Just outside of Houston, Texas, is a subdivision called Newport; an upper-middle class neighborhood with neat lawns and very nice houses--a normal looking place; however, the land on which this neighbor hood was built is anything but normal.

In early part of the decade of the 80's, a couple named Sam and Judith Haney decided to buy one of the lovely houses in the new housing development of Newport Subdivision--they would soon wish they had not.

What the developers had not disclosed about the land they chose to turn into this upscale subdivision was a dark and morbid secret that would turn their lives, and the lives of some of their neighbors, into a nightmare. Sam Haney said it all started when a strange, old man showed up at their door with an eerie tale that would soon prove to be true.

This story was on Unsolved Mysteries and I was wondering if anyone knows what going on with the Newport Subdivision and if its still active.