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The Atco, NJ Ghost


Paranormal Maven
Il have to try it

Weird NJ: The Atco Ghost

Atco Ghost Boy Dribbles in the Darkness
In the town of Atco, there is a road that was never finished. It branches off a road that connects with Route 30. This road runs about two miles before it ends in the Pine Barrens. It was Christmas night and a boy was out playing with the basketball he got as a present when a drunk driver came speeding down this dead end street. He hit the boy and decided to run –– only to come to the end of the road. The driver was forced to do a U-turn and drive back, passing the body of the boy he had just killed.
You drive down the street and head straight toward the end of the road. When you reach the end, do a U-turn and pull your car up to the part of the street where there is a crack through the asphalt from one side of the street to the other. Stop here and beep your horn three times and flash your lights three times, then sit in darkness for a bit. You will see the figure of a boy begin to cross the street dribbling a basketball, almost in slow motion. –Anthony Dooley


Paranormal Maven
As a New Jersey resident, I may have to try this one out and let you all know how it turns out...if I make it back alive of course.