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Suppressed Technology...

Michael Allen

Paranormal Adept
Well, for starters you can examine the current abuses in the patent system, which I think represents the most oppressive force against innovation in human history.


Paranormal Adept
I would like to hear a discussion about what I believe is an obvious suppression of technology. Any thoughts on the subject?
Can you be more specific ? Some technologies, especially defense related, are obviously suppressed. Some would 'wow' us and others probably bore us if most people understood them at all. I take it your gist is the issue of world changing technologies such as antigrav and tapping energy from the zero point field.

A good read about society's ever increasing sequestering of powerful information is Robert Laughlin's "The Crime Of Reason". It's not esoteric. But some pondering after reading between the lines can make it a little scary. One of his best lines (from a YouTube presentation) is to the effect that 'Not only can I not tell you, I can't even tell you what I cannot tell you.'