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Stones popping out of toes

Aaron LeClair

Paranormal Maven
idontunderstand said:
Wish I could do that, Id start an ebay business lol
Yeah, I thought about something similar. I hate E-bay though lol.

I've heard of kidney stones... but toe stones? Oooooookay.

Pretty gems for coming out of the body. Unless they cleaned them.


Paranormal Novice
My first reaction was 'hoax', because those bigger stones look exactly like the cheap ones I used to buy to put in my fish tank. And I didn't get the impression that anyone besides the girl's mother had seen it actually happen. And the girls toe didn't look too beat up after they allegedly had to 'dig out' the larger stones.

But why the hell would you try to hoax that?

funny and crazy nonetheless. I reserve judgement.