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Spectacular UFO


Paranormal Novice
I have had quite a few strange experiences in my life and a few UFo sightings although only one that was truly unexplainable. Lights in the sky is one thing but what I saw was truly unexplainable. When i was eight years old I was in the far north of New Zealand quite a remote area around an hour or so in the hills from any main centre. I was parked up at a scenic lookout with my brother my father and his partner. I notice right away the moon looked very strange, then to my astonishment I realised what I was looking at was not the moon at all the moon was in another part of the sky clearly visible. An object that was more or less a perfect Diamond was stationary in the sky. It was glowing pink with segements in the diamond, abosultely massive it was bigger than the moon. I pointed it out to my brother who is two years older than me he immediately became terrified and hid in the back seat of the car. My father and his partner could see it as well and were very perplexed but did not seem to pay much attention, they were baffled however.

The strange thing is I remember talking about space travel in general conversation that night before I saw it we were discussing how im lifetime I may see other stars but not in my fathers at any rate it was explained to me that it is very unlikely that we will travel to other stars due to the distances involved.

This started my interest in the paranormal and ufos to this day my brother and father remember the incident but only I recall it vividly strangely I somehow think it was meant for me. It did not look like a spaceshit however how would we know what one would look like. It seemed like a piece of nature rather than a craft. I have never seen it again and have never heard anyone talk of a similar UFO has anyone else ever heard a similar story.

After hanging around for a good 10minutes or so the object disappeared. I have no idea if it was in orbit or in the sky it just seemed massive and took up a huge proportion of the sky, I could hear nothing either.


Nothin' to see here
So it was as big as the moon? You mean as big as a full moon?
How far away would say the object was?
Was there any atmospheric density between you and the object? (haze, light defraction)?
Did it move at all when you were watching it or was it just hanging in the air stationary?
When it disappeared did it just blink out of existence or did it seem to zip off at speed?


Paranormal Novice
Yeah it just hung in the sky if it was moving it was so slow as to seem stationary. It was definetly solid it was glowing the glow was pusling though and I could make out the the diamond was split into segments. It happened the Summer of 1989 December sorry down here summer is in the new year.

It was huge bigger than a normal full moon, similar size to a Harvest moon y'know those freakishly huge full moons that come every so often.

Ever heard of anything similar? I did not see it disappear just looked away for a bit then could not see it again.


Paranormal Novice
Wow thankyou very much it seems similar but not quite the same, but is of the same lineage or type very interesting just had a quick look I will dig into it further, perhaps pass on my story.

It is very nice to know that there are similar sightings this one is the single most clear and amazing paranormal experiecne i have ever had. Jeff Ritzmann idea of hyper reality springs to mind.