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Some of my paranormal weirdness


Despiser of religious nuts
I've been meaning to take the plunge for a while, and discuss some of my personal experiences. Trouble is, a lot of what I recall, is only half-recalled, and can be quite disjointed and bewildering. It has often led people to assume I'm relating dreams. But I KNOW I was awake during these experiences.

I grew up in a tiny rural village in south-west Wales, during the 1970's and 1980's, on the periphery of the Welsh Triangle. Early in the morning of January 2nd, 1978, I saw something that has stayed in my mind ever since. I remember the date clearly, as January 2nd is my mother's birthday. I don't know what the time was, but it was still dark. My bedroom curtains were open, and my window overlooked a field. The field sloped upwards towards a dense line of trees. Amongst the trees, were some power lines and poles. Beyond, were more fields and farmland.

I woke abruptly, and as I lay in bed, I glanced out. I spotted a glowing, airborne, orange object at the top of the field, to the right of an electricity pole at my 12 o'clock position. I initially assumed it was the moon, despite the object being a peculiar light bulb or pear shape. As there was frost on the lower portion of the window, I merely assumed the odd shape was as a result of distortion.

I got up to get a drink. As I did so, I was now looking at the inverted light bulb thing through clear, undistorted glass. It was no moon -it was a good 150% bigger. Also, I was sure there was a dim structure behind the glow. I couldn't see it clearly, but it appeared to be a rectangular, box-like shape, with a slightly curved underside. I was just a child at the time, and the sight of this object terrified me. To make matters even worse, the object or the glow started to grow bigger. Whether it expanded, or moved closer, I don't know. Terrified, I hid beneath the bedclothes until I heard other members of the household moving.

That sighting appeared to act as some kind of paranormal catalyst. Shortly afterwards, I started waking up in the middle of the night, to feel something heavy pressing down on me and pinning my arms to my side. Far from being asleep, I was often wide awake when these sudden attacks began. Often, I would feel something like a snout, and hot breath, snuffling around the right side of my neck. I would also feel someone trying their damnedest to shove something into my right ear.

I don't believe this was sleep paralysis. I know sleep paralysis, and can tell the difference. Also, whenever one of these attacks occurred, it would be accompanied by an indescribable and stifling sense of malevolence and evil. One night, something pinned me down really hard, and I could barely breathe, yet alone move. Yet I had a deep sense that if I didn't force myself to move, something very bad would happen.

The more I fought to move, the harder I was pinned down. But somehow, I managed to shake it off slightly, and then, I kicked and punched out. I collided with something that felt like a large, squishy bladder. It felt like hitting a water bed, or a water-filled balloon. As I struck it, whatever it was hissed and snarled (there were no animals in the house). Then, it spoke, and said what sounded like either 'you black art' or 'you blackguard'. I think it was the latter, and it sounded extremely pissed. I don't think I was supposed to be able to move.

No-one in the family believed my account of these experiences, but they insisted I moved into my older sister's room, because they thought I was having night terrors. My sister 14 years my senior, had a vile habit of grinding her teeth in her sleep, and waking me up. One night, she'd woken me, and as I lay there cursing her, I suddenly a noise outside. Try to imagine hot steam being emitted by some type of giant piston - a loud hissing, sputtering sound, overlaid with a bizarre, hard-to-describe, metallic tone. I initially thought a big truck was braking outside, but there was no engine sound.

Then, a multi-colored pattern of pink, purple, blue and lilac lights hit the wall and ceiling of the room, being emitted by something outside. The lights spun around the room, reminding me of the psychedelic disco lights I'd seen at a recent school disco. Nowadays, I suppose I'd compare it to a Windows Media Player visualization, perhaps a fractal of some kind. As ever, being the brave little soul that I was, I hid beneath the bedding. The metallic hissing persisted for a minute or two, before ending abruptly, with a high-pitched, metallic grating sound.

I know all this sounds very peculiar. To this day, I have no idea what was going on. Although I can't prove anything, I suspect the origin of these events to be occult-related, not ET/UFO. At the time, we lived next door to a family descended from a long line of occult practitioners - and I'm not talking harmless, white witch herbalists. We didn't get on with these people, so I often wonder if they had anything to do with these events. But like I said, ultimately, I have no idea what the hell was going on.

Anyone else experienced anything like this?

I've experienced many more paranormal events, mainly as a child, but I'll save them for another time. Thanks for reading.
Hey Im half Welsh! My Dad grew up in the town called Machyhlength(sp?). Sorry I know thats wrong but as you know the towns in Wales are ridiculously hard to spell. I was just over there on a visit actually and we visited the longest town name in the world and took the steam train up the mountain(cant remember the name of the mountain). I nwas on the look out for weird stuff but unfortunately nothing to report.

BTW Wales has gorgeous scenery. I recommend everyone to go there and see the country.

Anyway as far as the breathing on your neck thing... how scared were you? It seems like the sort of thing that would put a little kid in a mental home or something it ouwld be so scary.
Hey GSB - I'm glad you like Wales. Yep, some of the place names are excruciating to spell. I think your dad's from Machynlleth? The mountain you took the train up is probably Snowdon. As for the longest-named town:


Do not attempt to say if you wear dentures!

As for the thing breathing on my neck - to say I was terrified is an understatement. The fear initially paralysed me whenever it happened, then I'd experience a mixture of anger, and a need to get it away from me, which allowed me to break the paralysis and fight it. It would arrive with no warning whatsoever. I never sensed anything present until it struck. I'm sure it was something to do with that particular house, as thankfully, this phenomenon hasn't re-materialised since I left there, nearly 25 years ago.