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Sleep paralysis - who else has experienced this?


Paranormal Maven
It's interesting to see what Burnt State mentioned about sleep deprivation being a possible factor.Looking back on my experiences they have been during periods that I've been working stupidly long hours.I'm currently over doing it again and my dreams when I do sleep have been highly disturbing and extremely vivid.(Though no sleep paralysis episodes). On a side note I was staying over night in a small hotel last week.At dinner I got talking to a guy who was in a similar business to me,As we finished our meals around the same time we ended up returning to our rooms sharing a lift (Elevator) and discovered our rooms were next to each other.The following morning he commented about the late phone conference call I'd had.I had gone straight to bed and hadn't spoken to anyone.He was adamant that he'd heard 2 men's voices coming from my room and that neither voice sounded like me.I've no idea what he heard,I'm usually a very light sleeper and the t.v. wasn't even plugged in to have been on at any time.I do fall asleep listening to a white noise app but don't see how this could be construed as two voices.It's another mystery I will never solve.

I think sleep deprivation has a lot to do with it i had some bouts of this during my time in Afghan and Iraq, felt strange and seem like something was sniffing me.

also had a few reports of some friends who also suffer from this Phenomena what extremely tired but on a few occasions "Shadow Men" or BEINGS were also present.

Burnt State

Paranormal Adept
I always do a sleep poll with my classes and ask how many hours on avg. kids get. Those who get under five a night are also the same crew who has had at least one sleep paralysis experience in the past year. Totally anecdotal, I know, but interesting still.

I think much of what we describe as paranormal are very much tied to abnormal mental states. Those who describe up close and personal experiences with Bigfoot, ghosts or UFO's all report the intensity of the experience as an altered state accompanied by fear, surrealism or both. Some of these events may be entirely, or primarily originating, in our own minds, or in some cases may in fact be a mental response to some unknown stimulus.

Why they appear as they do to us may be found in the process of how things like sleep paralysis events are rendered. In both cases it is an excited human mind generating a set of "perceptual" experiences.