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Show of Sept 11/ 2011


Paranormal Maven
I found September 11th's show very interesting, informative and most of the examples left open-ended -- as they should be. I appreciate Chris reading my question on air. I will try not to let my newly acquired fame go to my head, but I will have an autograph signing at the Edmonton Trail KFC in Calgary on the weekend. The answers Lamont gave did address the question as intended, he explained that these 'ancient' inventions were no more than trivialities and so would not have been seen as necessarily "anti establishment" at the time. Further, he agreed with my very leading question that science today is as 'politically orientated' as those established mainstreams (religion/monarchial) of yesteryear i.e. more about control and ownership of ideas rather than the truth.

The Ockham's razor approach probably does satisfy many anomalies, but I still think this principle was only used, by Lamont Wood, at the last famous historical person he dropped the name of. So, science today rediscovered stuff that Archimedes had discovered or invented millennia ago. However, he could have taken that further to say that Archimedes had probably rediscovered those same things from even earlier societies -- such as the Pyramid builders or Sphinx sculptors (at least he did step out of Zahi Hawaas' School of Egg-Wiped-ology to say the Sphinx could date back to the end of the previous Ice age).

The innuendo on the Egyptian light bulb was more likely Freudian -- for as mentioned earlier in this forum, these anomalous items do not appear from the carriers' loin cloths (they're not even loin cloths -- more like kilts) at all. I think that he heard this comment elsewhere and hadn't bothered to look at them himself. If that is the case, you then may wonder at the rigor of his research -- or at least his willingness to answer questions so bluntly on subject matter he has no personal knowledge of or had not verified.

Great show, I laughed, I cried and I am available for guest appearances on Big Brother now...

Ron Collins

Curiously Confused
OCCAMS Friggin' Razor! Again...

OK. This is a massive pet peeve for me and it makes me want to harm small woodland creatures. Especially squirrels. Lord knows I hate squirrels. Anyway....

"the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one." is NOT what Occams razor says. Look it up. Read it. Understand it. Then and only then can you Apply it. I would counter this bastardized boiled down version with "the simplest explanation is nearly always insufficiently capable of a high degree of accuracy".

Example: What is 78342 + 273849?

Well, to the idoit that spouts "the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one." the answer might be "It is most definitely a whole number".

Alright. I am now going to power through the rest of this podcast... ARRRRGGGHHHH there it is again!!! How often is he going to do that???? I need to go squirrel huntin'.

Ron Collins

Curiously Confused
This was one of the most disappointing interviews I have heard in a while. I think Gene and Chris did fine with what they had to work with. Man this guy was annoying. Plus, how do you have this discussion and leave out the Piri Reis map? Gene sounded a bit exasperated toward the end. I don't blame him I was feeling the same way.