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Shadow People


Skilled Investigator
It's generally not a creepy experience.

Most of the one's I've seen are like overlays over the physical world, sort of like holograms. Some are weaker, and they almost just a smudge over the physical world.


Paranormal Novice
Scott Story said:
My intent was strong and I began to see shadow people walking through my house and standing on my porch looking inside for short periods. I didn't get creeped out because I still don't think they are real, at least in the sense that they aren't creative aspects of our psyches.

Our ability to create is powerful, imo, but it probably takes a collective effort or suggestion to manifest from meme to myth. Once I came to that conclusion, they quit hanging around so maybe my dismissal canceled them out in my personal experience. Don't know.

You know, you tossed off several very good ideas in there. I can imagine you follow some of the same writers I do.

As far as shadow people, I've seen them on occassion, but I never could decide if they are ghosts, or tulpas that have taken on existence of their own, or diminsional beings, or even demons. None of this sound quite right to me.

I have the long standing habit of noticing small shadow entities moving around, and my usual first reaction is that it's a cat. When I try to focus in on them consciously, I usually don't see them anymore. I never gave these things much thought, though, until I heard some of Jeff Ritzmann's stories. I still don't know what these little guys are, or their big brother Shadow People, but i've never had one attack me or send me any sort of heavy duty vibes. I've never spoken with one, or initiated contact, but something tells me that it wouldn't work anyway.

I've seen ghost all my life, but I've only seen one full form mist entity, and that was a broad daylight sighting. Honestly, I wasn't scared, but rather felt sort of honored, because many people go through their lives without seeing one of these. Hard to explain my feeling on this, really.
alucard ,yeah Scott my experiances pretty much are right there with yours. I still wonder why so many people seem to find their features undifined. Thats a strange thing to notice and I have not heard of it very often which Is why I think It may be our own true shadow and how we percieve ourselves or an event in our mind. I really think that through our subconcious, we see or catch a glimpse of our true inner selves as wiyh dreams also. Something to think on, I love this thread because like all others it holds a lot of opinions and never any of them quite the same,interpetation of dreams, there are a million books on that but is any of it true? I believe as humans we are born with the need for something to believe in, it seems it doesn't mater what that is as long as its something. anyway good talking w2ith you alucard