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I would have to agree. Project Serpo or Project Crystal Night (sp?) or whatever it's called, is just some mildly interesting fiction. Besides, if we did send some people with ET's to visit their home planet, half way through the trip they would most likely pull the spacecraft over, like most of our dads did on the family vacation, and ask how we would like to be "dropped off here" since we couldn't behave ourselves!


Paranormal Novice
The whole thing is fiction. Nice try but way to many unanswered questions with volumes of open loop. You cannot obtain the types of information proported without a specific level of clearance. That level is above TS and SI.

For example: the indivual who claims to have "looked through bags/bundles of data inside a vault with armed guards posted outside" - is BS. The guards need to cleared in order to be in the same area - its called "compartmentalization".


I think this is fiction too. It is very "convenient" that Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy can't verify any of the info on the website. That way whenever anything is questioned, they just have to say that it might not be true. Still, it is entertaining and if anything turns out to be true, I'll be extremely amazed and this will be the most significant thing in current human history.


J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
I know this is an old thread, but this still crops up in conversation from time to time, and I just noticed how many similarities there are between the Serpo saga and Dark Skies ( Bryce Zabel ). Apart from the Hive, which in Dark Skies was what took over the greys, and the exchange program, which is more like something out of Stargate Atlantis or Star Trek, the rest is virtually the same, including little things like Carl Sagan being read into Majestic as part of the plot.

Of peripheral interest, while surfing around looking for connections, I ran across another oddball who calls himself Metallicman. Just when you think the cultural rabbit of ufology hole can't go any deeper, you realize you forgot to take that left turn at Albuquerque, and wind-up in some other level of Dreamland.