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Pythagoras believed in reincarnation..


Paranormal Novice
Original article here.

Pythagoras, one of the greatest philosophers and mathematicians of the sixth century B.C.E., is reported to have been the first of the Greeks to teach the doctrine that the soul, passing through the "great circle of necessity," was born at various times to various living bodies. Pythagoras believed in the soul as a "thought of God," and he considered the physical body to be simply one of a succession of "receptacles" for the housing of the soul. Many of his followers became vegetarians, for he taught that the soul might live again in animals.

This is the same Pythagoras of the Pythagorean theorem, which we all learned in geometry class many many years back.

What's amazing is that every ancient culture has a semblance of this concept, developed independently, regardless of where they are situated. Do the ancients know something we don't?


Paranormal Maven
Pythagoras claimed that he had been embodied in the past as Aethalides and Euphorbus and others which is somewhat amusing. The mathematician who deals with the moment (Now) of numbers misses on reincarnation (in the mechanical sense).