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Praise be to HUMANS

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I sure am sick and tired of hearing people put down humans without a second thought.
This usually happens on ufo/abduction/alien sites on a regular basis.
It always starts off with some garbled alien message of how we have messed up the planet and aliens are here to help us.
People are so quick to dish the dirt on humans!
For your information, the aliens are very into a breeding programme for ONE reason only and that is that the HUMAN race is so valuable!! They want a piece of the action in a big way!
Ask yourself what aliens are doing for Chenobyl? Anything changed? No?
My case rests.
Well, if we are, in fact, "valuable" to the aliens, as you say, it only makes sense that they would also be very concerned with the health of the biosphere - since our continued survival depends upon it.

Joan, are you just tired of hearing about the environmental issue as it is impacted by man, or do you think it is unfounded, irrelevant, or something else?

Joan, can you be a bit more specific? I'm sure we are all very valuable, but what Aliens? This forum and podcast is (to my knowledge) trying to find more conclusive evidence for the Aliens you speak of (amoung many other topics). If you can first prove that Aliens are out there, then you can start discussing whether they are benevolent ;)
People ask me if I believe in intelligent life in the universe, I usually reply that I'm still looking for it here. Dolphins are pretty bright and don't screw things up.

Budd Hopkins and David Jacob's abduction work doesn't paint aliens to be cute and cuddly, or even that much advanced than us. Hell, even Strieber's stuff doesn't take sides on wether they are good or bad, more worthy, or far ahead ethically. Of course, he changes from time to time. Much work seems to indicate they don't have much emotions like us. Makes sense, much of the reason we have emotion is for communication purposes. If we communicated telepathically, we wouldn't need to raise our voice, cry, laugh, have facial expressions as much. They lack emotions, but need it to raise the "hybrids" perhaps. Just one of many lines of thought.

We are screwing up the enviroment (for most life at it's current state atleast). Appearantly aliens aren't helping much with it. It doesn't seem like it judging by the state of things.

I still haven't ruled out that these grey guys aren't us from the future. Even if they say they are from another planet, doesn't mean they aren't us from the future. Screw up the planet, have to leave, screw ourself up via genetic mucking around, have to come back to us in a time before things got bad. So in the end maybe we both suck:) Not a conclusion, just something I wonder about and it doesn't contradict most the information gathered.