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Poltergeist remodels kitchen


FeralNormal master
Don't know if this has ever been posted but I just stumbled across it recently.

very creative or very scary.

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Paranormal Maven
I've seen this type of Video before. My Gut feeling is it's very Creative. Too much going on for me


FeralNormal master
This video doesn't show the coup de grace though. Initially I saw this on a compilation video (it was preceded by several mundane videos) and right at the very end that chair you see on the right launches itself upright and sticks it's landing on the table, it definitely wasn't cgi and to me it would have taken some pretty good upper body strength (maybe had to be done from a squat position?) to toss it straight up in the air and have it land on the table. On this one for whatever the screen goes blue. I didn't want to make anyone sit through the other ones so I found what is apparently the original. I didn't look at it until after I posted it and noticed the flaw right at the climax

And yes I thought it was too busy as well either that or something had a statement to make, my thinking though is if that was the case this entity would have made a bigger impact by doing it when somebody was there.

But that chair...
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