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Poltergeist - Poster Fire Incident


Paranormal Novice
Poltergeist - Poster Fire Incident

Spring 2014 – One of the most horrifying events my girlfriend and I faced while living in the Bothell home was the day the poster caught fire in my office. Tina and I had been witness to a lot of activity the weeks leading up the poster catching fire. I’m talking about bar stools being thrown. Our bedroom light was going off and on in the middle of us sleeping. Loud bangs. Loud footsteps. Door slams and yes one bible catching fire. All of that happened within a week of the story I’m about to tell. The advice that was given to us by friends and family was to smudge the house. The internet said the same thing. “Smudging lessens the activity.” Let me tell you smudging never lessened the activity. It made it worse. This story is proof of that. The night before the poster caught fire, I walked up to Tina and asked her if she’d feel comfortable smudging the house. Tina is an excellent smudge person. She’s very thorough. The next day we woke and got ourselves ready for work. Nothing unusual about that morning except the house was smelling like sage. That’s normal. Your house should smell like sage if you smudged the night before. I later found out that smudging before going to bed is dangerous. Very dangerous! ....................................link above.