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Pictures of Sea, lake and River monsters Please.


Paranormal Adept
Shouldn't the blowhole have been under water if the dead whale was drifting belly-up? But actually, I don't think this needs more evidence. It's quite obvious that this was what the crew were looking at. Dead blue whales (or similar big ones) were probably a rare sight, so the men couldn't relate the sight to something they knew.

I still wonder why this is in "Wonders in the Sky" at all, because it's an absolute oddity. All the other witness reports etc. are of something seen above ground (or water).

Now for something completely different... I just stumbled over this, maybe you know about it:
Great White Shark Eater - What Eats Great White Sharks | Mysterious Universe

What do you think?


piscator ψ
Wow I had not heard about this thank you!

My 1st thought is a killer whale, but according to the article they don't dive deep enough so my next guess would be a sperm whale, which are actually the biggest "predators" in the sea. Whales are warm blooded with a general body temperature of 96 degrees (the same as us) which would explain the rise in temperature the "tag" recorded.
Although Whales have now got a reputation for being friendly and gentle they are not always, just ask a giant squid or a Krill ;). Seriously though in my opinion a large Sperm Whale is easily capable of eating a 9 foot shark.

Here are examples of a sperm whales weaponry:




Here is a size comparison to a human, the shark in question was 9ft so about 1.5 x larger than a man.

In my estimation the whale could consume the shark in a couple of bites.


piscator ψ
Just found this image on a different thread:


"Stunned fishermen spotted a gigantic alien-like ball floating off the coast of Western Australia before it was devoured by hungry sharks.

Mark Watkins and his father were fishing 25 nautical miles from Bunbury, south of Perth, on Wednesday when they came across the eerie sighting.

At first Mr Watkins, 36, thought it might be a boat, or even a stranded hot air balloon,The West Australian reported."

From original report: