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Phillip H Krapf


Paranormal Novice
Having listened to the great podcast with Royce J. Myers III of UFOwatchdog.com and seeing the hall of fame/shame I am reminded of another person claiming of contact with alien beings. His name is phillip H Krapf and wrote "The Challenge of Contact" and "The Contact Has Begun" (not sure which first). But I was curious to see if anyone has any info on him. I have read these books and have thought they were interesting but I have doubts. I used to check his website that would give "updates" of the progress the Aliens (Verdants is what he called them) were making to start the contact between our worlds. After Sept. 11th he stated that that pretty much delayed any plans they were making at that time (how convenient).

Anybody have any info about or news about what happened to this guy?
I know no more about him than you probably. I vaguely remember hearing interviews with him and I was very UNimpressed, hence the details of his case are fuzzy. Art Bell has had him on a few times and I think Jerry Pippin X-Zone may have as well. Maybe check Feet2Fire radio site. Wikipedia.com doesn't have much on him.

I don't waste much time on anecdotal cases. He doesn't have anything backing up his claims if I remember correctly, correct? If so, I'll re look at it.
I believe you are correct that there is not much in the way of evidence. He doesnt even have a web site anymore so he has either dropped his case or is aboard a mothership somewhere, or looking for some other way to make a buck.
I told his publisher years back he was full of it - no one listens