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Pentagon Disclosure or Disinformation?

I say that jokingly... but only half jokingly.

Look... we've been hearing from these 'Ufonauts' for 70 years to be nicer to people, better to the environment, stop threatening each other with nukes and exploding them... and that these 'hybrid babies' will somehow make our society better and move us to an enlightened age.

None of that has happened. The opposite of that has happened, to be honest about it.

And that 'theatre in the sky' that was thought by many to make us all go "whoa" and take a more cosmic view of things... well, that hasn't happened either.

Sure, disclosure is really here. But it's mostly 'so what' to those of us that know it's true. Nothing has changed. Nothing is better. Most things are worse.

If ET was all love and light and gradual human improvement... well, they suck at it and are going about it in a stupid way.

Maybe they're Zeta Reticulan versions of dudbro's going out in daddy's tic-tac to go beep beep at the natives and occasionally try to get laid and that's all there really is to it. Maybe they're just trying to look wise and enlightened and are really as stupid - or more stupid than we are. They just have tech we don't, and maybe they don't even know how it works anymore than Joe average guy knows how to use silicon and germanium in interesting ways to make ICs... but he knows how to use a computer to go on Facebook and yell stupid things at people.
We've got Morrison on the show today. Got any stumpers ( challenging questions )?
sure they did. But it did come out. With evidence.

But not for 30 years after the war ended i.e. long after there was no really pressing need to keep it quiet. The government has a strong incentive to keep ET under wraps.

and you’re talking about many governments, worldwide. Not just one program in one of them. There’s no American hegemony with this phenomena. Even though Americans often like to pretend or project there is.
ULTRA was known to at least two governments. Only the US government may have conclusive proof of ET since '47, and on that basis may have quietly set global policy.

but that’s my point. They’ve given many messages. Prophecies that all didn’t come true. Environmental messages that didn’t help. Nuclear proliferation warnings that didn’t help.
If they actually care about this stuff, they suck at influencing us about it. Or it’s all distraction.

As the AGD opines, it's not genuine. Criticizing government policy or failures is just another way to appear at odds with governments.

maybe. Or maybe they’re as foolish and inept and have as many blinders as we do. Just higher tech. That doesn’t necessarily make them superior to us or more knowledgeable about us in most ways. They’re at least as complex as we are as beings. And we‘re all kinds of brilliant and stupid all wrapped up together.

One of the things I said when I was on the Paracast years ago is “what if they’re stupid?“ We have access to plenty of tech today, and most people don’t know how it works, and we seem to have gotten stupider as a society.

May have seemed that way with Trump but there was always stupidity; people were no better in the past and in some ways worse. I think a key difference between ET, or any far advanced system, and our current one is the former rely more on AI hence are less beset by human vagaries.
Hey thanks for listening and welcome back to the forum :cool:


Some insight on that one: Rutkowski and I, and I think @marduk too seem to be all on the same page with this one. I admire Sagan, but forget his whole flatland analogy. Secondly, people constantly conflate spatial dimensions with the variable of time. People who try to explain this shouldn't be saying time is the "fourth dimension". More accurately they should be saying it's the fourth variable together with the first three variables, which are the spatial dimensions ( for 3 spatial variables and one temporal variable ).

The next is to grasp that spatial dimensions have a hierarchical dependency, which is a fancy way of saying that there cannot be a second dimension without a preceding first, and there can be no third without a preceding first and second, and when you get to 3D, it extends infinitely in all directions, so there can be no "fourth" or "fifth" or "sixth" spatial dimension. Even if we imagine that there could be, because of hierarchical dependency, any 4D skyscraper would still be fully visible in all the preceding 3D spatial coordinates.

When you get how that works, you can extrapolate that all possible spatial dimensions must exist simultaneously everywhere, because you just can't leave one out or the whole thing collapses. So there can be no 3D beings that magically appear out of the "Fifth Dimension" ( unless maybe you're talking about the band members ).

Every single example I've looked into where dimensions above 3 are being used to describe some theoretical situation, they are in-fact using the term "dimension" as another convenience term for theoretically micro or macro separate 3D spaces within the same larger infinite 3D realm we're in, but located or configured in a way that their 3D borders don't intersect with ours. For example, other universe like the one formed by our Big Bang may exist at some distant location beyond our ability to detect it. But it's all still in the same "space".

It gets really interesting when you start thinking about the possibility of generated constructs like in The Matrix where we're looking at virtual dimensions. But that's a whole other conversation. Basically. You can write the IDH ( Interdimensional Hypothesis ) off as pure sci-fi.

The TTH Time Travel Hypothesis breaks down into the same sort of pure sci-fi as the IDH. The closest it can work out to is a parallel universe evolving identically to ours that either started sooner or later than ours, and beings are moving between the two, which would look like time travel from their frame of reference ( but it's not time travel — not really – not like we imagine it to be ).


Project Blue Book pegged the Unknowns at around 26% during one of their studies, so you're not far off on that one.

Lots of UFO reports ( not to be confused with UFOs themselves ) turn out to be aircraft of some kind.

I agree that 5% Other is generous given our current understanding of the world and what possibilities there could be. I suppose maybe the VRH ( Virtual Reality Hypothesis ) might fall into the Other category though, and philosophers like David Chalmers think there's a much higher chance than that, that we are living in one such VR construct. Food for thought. ?
Thank you for the welcome back! Things are really interesting since the release of the Pentagon videos and the report to Congress.

I love the explanation of the way dimensions work! I had no clue about any of that. It will take a while to digest! But so very interesting!

I have considered the possibility of simulation and The Matrix. I just rewatched that a couple of months ago again for the 3rd time. Interesting stuff to ponder. My brain struggles with that much expansion! LOL!