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Paul Eno and Jesus


Skilled Investigator
Paul Eno and Jesus

It’s good to have people who are knowledgeable about Christianity investigating the paranormal and UFOs/UAP.

Gene asks, “Do aliens believe in Jesus?”

Paul rightfully goes on to reference Christianity’s history with life beyond earth.

He’s referring to “The Plurality of Worlds” theory which has its roots in Aristotle but became well known during the Renaissance.

At one time Christians accepted the possibility that life existed on other planets and believed this life was most likely more humans. It wasn’t until Thomas Paine came along and declared the idea incompatible with Christianity that we get into deeper controversy.

Paine postulated that if Christianity held that Jesus saved humanity on the cross, that he had to travel to each inhabited planet in the universe to do the same for those people. This meant that God’s Son was destined for a life of traveling the universe to become like the aliens on each planet and then die for them. A counter theory was that Christ died for all humanity including humans on other planets (or as the Pope now also declares “extraterrestrials”).

This is where Christianity began to split off from the scientific community once again towards a more isolated belief that humans were unique, the earth was unique, and Christ came and died for those on earth. Today this is essentially what most of Christianity still believes.

In truth non-human “extraterrestrials” can fit into Christian theology, although it’s a narrower path toward demonstrating they could without first understanding the theological basics that limit the possibility.

On a side note, Eno is mistaken when he says ancient Hebrew has “no vowels”. It does but they are indicated by marks under various letters. In reality, all human language has vowels but not necessarily how we read them today in modern English.

Reference: https://www.livinglanguage.com/lang...essential-essential-expressions/hebrew-vowels

Lastly, IMO we assume way to much when we say ancient people (particularly in the Ancient Near East) didn’t understand what the they were experiencing and were naive or ignorant.

Ufologist make fools of themselves when they claim that ancient people attributed everything technological to “gods and magic”. That’s a 20-21st Century conclusion based on modernism.

Not surprisingly the hypocrisy in making such a statement becomes painfully evident when ufologists also turn around and say ancient people had advanced technology sufficient to build pyramids, towering structures, cut stone, etc. You can’t have it both ways folks. They can’t be backwards and ignorant and also technologically savvy and super intelligent.

Oral tradition in ancient cultures is something sacred. The analogy of a joke told to three dozen people passed down one to the other coming out all wrong on the other end is like comparing apples to oranges.

The facts are that people took oral history as a very precise method for conveying factual things from one generation to the next. They memorized the details before they had means to write. That’s why you see the Flood Epic told in almost every culture. The player’s names might change but the story remains basically the same.

If it were true that ancient hand-me-down stories passed from one generation to the other can’t be trusted, then ufologists need to stop using the many stories from Native American cultures, the Sumerians, Hindus, etc. as evidence “aliens” taught humanity how to prosper.

If cultural stories from the past aren’t reliable then ALL the stories about Ancient Aliens also need to be tossed out as equally unreliable.

But NO, ufologists love those and make an exception for them. Again just another example of dual standards and cherry picking within ufology.
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Interesting topic

I read the bible lots and yes ... I believe there is other life out there
But in a different realm , not a distant planet.
Christians are a bit convoluted (me included)
On one hand we acknowledge The Holy Spirit , and Holy Angels
But next moment we tell others not to play with the spirits or seek them
Our concerns are opening the door to occult and fallen angels and things demonic.

One of the clearest verses written by an apostle is .....

"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.''

So Gene I thought of you yesterday because I was watching the comedy show curb your enthusiasm. This episode featured someone who was a Jew for Jesus and I remember you telling the story way back that one of your relations was a Jew for Jesus,and thought all UFO and alien were demons.