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Paracast+ Sampler: 10th Anniversary #2 — After The Paracast — Feb 28, 2016

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Gene Steinberg

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SPECIAL DOUBLE-LENGTH EPISODE (PG-13): The 10th anniversary observance of The Paracast continues with Gene and Chris plus Greg Bishop, Paul Kimball and Goggs Mackay. They discuss the influence of podcasts, and why UFO-oriented conventions are playing to an increasingly older audience. Yes, we do mention the Comic-Con, which can attract well over 100,000 participants. Paul wonders why UFO conferences have, by and large, become an old boy network with an elitist attitude (conscious or otherwise) on the part of some of the researcher/lecturers. The discussion moves to some anecdotes about UFO conventions. The panel also focuses on some of the issues involving a certain UFO disclosure advocate that is regarded as tone-deaf, not to mention the rantings from former Canadian government official Paul Hellyer.

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Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
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