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Paranormal Novice
Am a Paracast junkie and have been listening since the beginning. I recently became a plus member and passed the below on to Gene. He suggested that I share it in the forums!

Gene, Like I said your show means the world to me. I remember driving around Camp Diamondback south of Mosul (o/a 2007 before it got crazy) one Sunday evening searching for some WiFi to download an episode.

I actually had a very personal and powerful sighting while deployed to Iraq (Camp Speicher near Tikrit) sometime in late 2004. I was out jogging with my guys. It was near dusk and we had run about 2-3 miles. As we headed back towards our accommodations (CHUs) we saw a large (maybe 100 feet across) pixelated pulsing orb about 1/4 mile from our position.

It was hovering over some troops who seemed oblivious to what was going on above them. We shouted to alert them an take cover but I don’t think they could hear us due to the loudness of some nearby generators.

There were about 20 other Soldiers in my immediate vicinity and all of us held our position and pointed towards the object. Am confident in saying that it was the strangest and most bizarre thing I have ever witnessed. Some guys drew weapons and pointed them at the object (I didn’t have mine with me because I was out for a jog).

After about 30 seconds of disbelief and awe, three of us decided to run towards the troops underneath the object to make them aware of the danger that they were in.

The object continued to pulse. It looked pixilated and we could occasionally see the setting sunlight shine through it. It looked to be phasing in and out of our earth space.

As we approached the troops we hollered at them to take cover and they looked up. They looked back towards us and presented a confused demeanor. This made me angry and I hollered even louder!!

But as I got closer, the object started to make sense to me, and I was able to identify the pixels. It was a swarm of small birds, maybe starlings. They were behaving like a school of fish under attack like on TV during 'shark week'. They had assumed a neat, tight, spherical formation and they were weaving among themselves at extraordinary speed. Incidentally there was a hawk flying close by.

The mystery was solved and I felt foolish. From that day on I learned not to trust my own eyes!! Investigate, investigate, investigate.

This is pretty much exactly what I saw: Mesmerising murmuration of starlings at Lough Ennell

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Am a Paracast junkie and have been listening since the beginning. I recently became a plus member and passed the below on to Gene. He suggested that I share it in the forums!
Very cool account, and welcome to the Paracast Community Forum! I hope you don't mind that I took the liberty of adding the video from YouTube to your post. Also thanks for subscribing to the Plus. If you have any guest suggestions, don't be afraid to let us know ?

Here's another similar video:

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