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On The Show - Walter Bosley


J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
WalterBosley-01b.pngWalter Bosley is a graduate of San Diego State University. He started making films in junior high school, where he also began writing fiction. After earning a BA in journalism, Bosley worked briefly in the film industry as a production assistant on commercials and a feature film. He then decided to put his talents to use in counter- espionage and counter-terrorism in a career with the FBI, the AFOSI, and other US federal organizations.

During that time he wrote his first novel as well as his first screenplay, 10 East, a spy thriller that placed in a screenwriting competition. In 2002 Bosley founded his small press adventure fiction publishing company, Lost Continent Library. His first novel, written under the pseudonym E.A.Guest, was Secret of the Amazon Queen, a pulpy jungle potboiler which is currently in pre-production as a feature film with Barron Entertainment.

In 2008 and 2009, Walter published and edited an e-zine named after his company. In 2011 he wrote Tropic of Despair, furthering the adventures of the hero from the first book. He also developed the original story which was adapted by Paul Kimball into the screenplay for The Cuckoo in the Clock, and his other novel I Will See You In Time.

Bosley has also authored two recent non-fiction books, Latitude 33: Key to the Kingdom, and Empire of the Wheel: Espionage, The Occult and Murder in Southern California. He frequently sits in as an unofficial co-host on the critically-acclaimed radio show Radio Misterioso, and appeared on numerous other radio programs, including Coast to Coast AM, The Kevin Smith Show, Dark Matters Radio, and last but not least The Paracast.

Recording Date: January 27, 2021
Website: Lost Continent Library |
Empire Of The Wheel
Books By Walter Bosley

YouTube Channel

Past Appearance on The Paracast: Paracast Aug 27, 2018
Post any questions or comments for discussion below ?
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Tony Mc

Paranormal Novice
I'm glad he's coming back. I haven't heard from him in a while. In the future, when he's on, there's recent podcast called "Penny Royal" where the podcaster was inspired by Mr. Bosley. I'd love to hear an episode where he and the broadcaster of the podcast were chatting together.


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I read Latitude 33: Key to the Kingdom and am interested in more research about Latitude 33 (another author has it at the 37th Parallel), and if the events are significantly different than other parallels to convince a statistician.


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I've got a question.

I've heard Walter say in the past that Richard Doty was held up to him by AFOSI superiors/colleagues as a sort of "cautionary tale". Could he elaborate on what was meant by this and does he know of any specific actions taken by Doty that got Doty in 'hot water'?

Thanks guys


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If there's time, I've thought of another question.

In interviews Doty has mentioned a special team within AFOSI known as the 'Special Projects team' or the 'PJ Boys' that were often used to intimidate and threaten UFO witnesses.

Can Walter confirm if such a unit existed? And if so, were they ever used to investigate UFOs?


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Gene, always a pleasure when you share stories about Ray Palmer and the other 1960s-1970s big names in the field you personally knew and interviewed.


Walter is always a great guest and his fathers story is pretty spot on about Roswell Case . One element never seen the light of the day was the night fighters operation and not greys orange -blue -green. Order to shoot them down was given and as stated three crashes with loss of craft was the eyewitness report sent through separate pipe line not PBB. The following day teams arrived on site not in Fioa ! Memo sent similar to Roswell and sent to D.C.

The Beam symbols are comms and Major Jess Marcel was not bullshitting and check Gen. Blanch.. dates. Stan was right Klass was a cutout. Also Major Marcel gives strong clue in a interview he did during the 1990s. The latest interview by the sky H shows a snippet but not the key and remember Col Corso those who said he was full of crap listen to his interview with excellent reporter George Knapp in the 1990s. Got the key and Tim Good found a part of the link . No , Rowell Files were not destroyed and Zamora Case as stated critical element . Walter's father gave only a snippet of the whole event. Dr . Randle has a good detail in his books recommend buy them. IKE was at the crash sight and Menzel and went to the other two. Symbols are as follows .lift (Zamora case ) --Dimensions (cloaking)- Two .....Also enjoyed John Greewald Jr. lastest videos and recommend dont fall for the chaff. "Target Disc " Two Planets" and Fioa will not give all the .......
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