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On the Show — W.T. Watson

Gene Steinberg

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wtwatson.pngW.T. Watson is a best-selling author, a coffee addict and writer of both fiction and non-fiction. He infuses his work with his expertise in cryptozoology, monster lore, magic, Forteana and the paranormal. W.T. brings a unique shamanic and magical perspective to all of his work after over 30 years of exploration in these topics.

When he is not writing or reading about monsters, he can be found outdoors allowing his dogs to take him for a walk around his neighborhood in Kitchener, Ontario. He lives with his spouse, Stacey, in a townhome that would be jammed with books if it weren't for e-readers.

His books include: "Canadian Monsters & Mysteries," "Sasquatch Canada: Beyond British Columbia," "Mysteries in the Mist: Mist, Fog, and Clouds in the Paranormal,", and his most recent: "The Forest Poltergeist: Class B Encounters and the Paranormal."

Our cohost will be Tim Swartz.

Recording Date (including After The Paracast):
Sunday, March 10 at 1:00 PM Pacific (4:00 PM Eastern)
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Broadcast and Streaming Date:
March 17, 2024
A great show with a level-headed and articulate guest.

Regarding poltergeist: The original German word means "noisy or mischievous spirit". Note the word "spirit". The German word "Geist" literally means "spirit". The word "ghost" in the English sense does not exist in German. What's the point? The point is that the German word refers to a restless or mischievous "spirit", which could be interchanged with the word "soul". "Lost in Translation"? It's interesting to note that the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches have changed the word "ghost"* - as in "Holy Ghost" - to the term "Holy Spirit". They got the point.