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On the Show — Travis Roy

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Gene Steinberg

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Travis Roy
of Giants of Ancient America: Historian & Researcher of the unknown & forgotten past-specifically, Giants. According to Roy, giants roamed America in the ancient past, building fortifications and erecting massive burial and temple worship mounds. In actuality, this race of titans roamed the earth, leaving their esteemed deceased within tumuli of earth and stone. Their handiwork's can still be seen across the globe. Current history texts attribute a more-modern native approach to be the builders of such works (stone and dirt pyramids, Easter island heads, megalithic monuments etc.), but Travis speculates that another race is responsible.

He states that their bones have been discovered by archaeologists and anthropologists of the not-too-distant past. There are at least 700+ documented accounts of literal giant bones being exhumed from places all over North America. Newspapers once reported the findings of these skeletons. From 1850-1940 they constantly made the news. But then they suddenly stopped. Why? A conspiracy perhaps?

Here's his Facebook page on the topics of giants: Giants_of_ancientamerica

Our cohost this week: Tim Swartz.

Recording Date (including After The Paracast):
Thursday, May 18 at 2:00 PM Pacific (5:00 PM Eastern)
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Broadcast and Streaming Date:
May 21, 2023
Is anyone familiar with the "Giant of Kandahar", and how likely it is that it really existed?

For anyone unfamiliar: Allegedly, while in Kandahar, Afghanistan, a U.S. Army Special Forces unit was said to have encountered a "real life" giant or Nephilim while patrolling a mountainside, and were attacked by it, killing a couple of our troops. The other troops opened fire on it, and destroyed it. Supposedly, they along with their CIA colleagues arranged for this giant or Nephilim's remains to be secretly, quietly "airlifted" back to the U.S., was said to have taken the remains to Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio.
I liked this show. I live forty miles from the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland and mythology tells us that the Giant Finn McCool build the Causeway in order to cross over to Scotland to fight the Giant Benadonner.
Like all myth it has some basis in fact in that bones have been found in this area which are from a man who would of been eight foot tall.