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On the Show — Seth Breedlove

So could you ask him about the Werewolf stories and folk lore and actual facts.
I read a story about ten years back where a doctor said while he didn't believe anyone physically changed he thought he had identified an illness where people believed they were changing into werewolves.
Happy to ask it.

Lon Cheney Jr. is an interesting story. He had great potential as an actor, but in his later years his alcoholism and his attitude really hurt his career.
Sorry to hear that. Care to share any details?
Well as you know I told you previously I was very much like Mosely but I'm the 70,s in Belfast because of the troubles everywhere closed at 6,pm except the bars
My brother was not only a paranoid schizophrenic he was also a violent alcoholic who uses to beat me and my mother and father.
They were good people who would not disown their son.
I would find out many years later I was not their son but their grandson