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On the Show — Richard Moschella

Gene Steinberg

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Richard Moschella.jpgRichard Moschella is a paranormal investigator, mediumship spirit artist and author at Beyond The Fray Publishing. He has released numerous books on spirit communication and his encounters on his journey in the paranormal research field. According to Moschella, since childhood he has been connected to those on the other side of the veil and it wasn't until adulthood that he fully accepted his unique gift. He has read everything he could get his hands on to expand his knowledge on metaphysics, paranormal and mediumship development. His studies cover many aspects of the paranormal world from cryptid creatures, aliens, UFO's / UAP's and so much more.

For over ten years Richard has worked with and trained with lightworkers, healers, intuitives, psychics and mediums. He has worked with and interviewed many distinguished individuals in the field of paranormal research. Through his mediumship he implements the technique of spirit art and not only delivers the evidential messages from the communicators but also sketches their essence. He holds this work sacred to him and takes great pride in the messages he conveys, he says "it's up to us to link and blend with our communicators and bring forth evidence on the continuity of life and that loved ones are only a thought away."

His most recent book is "Extraterrestrials in the Hudson Valley: Sightings and Experiences in New York’s Hudson Valley," where Moschella, takes you on a journey through Hudson Valley folklore and a possible ancient connection to visitors from above. From sacred stone sites and quaint towns which make up the New York Hudson Valley, it’s undeniable something is happening in the skies and on the ground. In interviews with some of the foremost researchers and investigators in the field like Whitley Streiber, Cheryl Costa, Allan B. Smith and Bryan Bowden, you’ll get a greater insight and understanding to the phenomena.

Our cohost: Tim Swartz.

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