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On the Show — Maxim W. Furek

Gene Steinberg

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Maxim Furek.jpgMaxim W. Furek has a rich background that includes aspects of psychology, addictions, and music journalism. He considers himself a student of the paranormal and has explored and published numerous articles on what some have called “The Coal Region Hoodoo.” He has a master’s degree in Communications from Bloomsburg University and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Aquinas College.

With "Coal Region Hoodoo: Paranormal Tales from Inside the Pit," Furek continues his sociological exploration of high strangeness inside the Pennsylvania wormhole that gave birth to "The Night of the Living Dead," "The Blob," and "The Philadelphia Experiment." His book is described as “A fascinating look into Pennsylvania’s paranormal wormhole through a never-seen-before sociological and popular culture lens.”

His journey takes us beyond the netherworlds of Centralia, Sheppton, Chestnut Ridge, and The Pennhurst Asylum. It looks into the eyes of demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren and the twisted souls of serial killer Gary Heidnik and controversial artist Richard S. Shaver while exploring the preternatural secrets of Bigfoot, cryptids, Kecksburg, The Smurl Haunting, Pennsylvania Dutch Powwowing, and Roman Catholic Mysticism.

Miners claim that being trapped in the bottom of a coal mine is as close as one can ever get to being in Hell. "Coal Region Hoodoo" takes us even closer inside that forbidden, paranormal pit.

His other books include: "Sheppton-The Myth, Miracle & Music," "Somebody Else’s Dream: Dakota, The Buoys," & “Timothy,” and "The Death Proclamation of Generation X".

Our cohost this week: Tim Swartz.

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Wednesday, May 10 at 2:00 PM Pacific (5:00 PM Eastern)
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Broadcast and Streaming Date:
May 14, 2023