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On the Show — Linda C. Powell

Gene Steinberg

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Linda C. Powell is an English writer with a decades-long interest in mid-twentieth century America. Since 2015 she has been a news editor for The Anomalist. She lives near England's east coast and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology.

againsttheodds.pngShe is the author of "Against the Odds: Major Donald E. Keyhoe and His Battle to End UFO Secrecy: A Biography."

In UFO lore, one man is largely responsible for the twin pillars of current belief: that UFOs represent extraterrestrial technology and that the government is hiding this truth from us. His name is Donald E. Keyhoe. He was a 51-year-old retired Marine Major when his own investigation of a famous 1948 flying saucer case led him to believe that the US Air Force and the CIA knew the Earth was under surveillance by beings from other worlds and were keeping it secret from the public. For the next 21 years, he devoted himself, at great personal cost, to exposing the official cover-up of what he believed was an alien visitation.

Thanks to his highly-placed contacts in the military and secret informants in the Pentagon, Keyhoe became the first major figure to truly challenge the official view that UFO reports belonged in the domain of “kooks and fuzzy thinkers.” He eventually led what became the world's most powerful civilian UFO organization, the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). In this, the first biography of Donald Keyhoe, his public and private life before and during his time as the world’s best-known UFO advocate is revealed.

As regular listeners to The Paracast know, I met Keyhoe several times between 1965 and 1975. And therein lies a tale or two that I've discussed on the show over the years along with this weekend's issue of The Paracast Newsletter.

Our cohost will be Tim Swartz.

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Wednesday, March 27 at 1:00 PM Pacific (4:00 PM Eastern)
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March 31, 2024