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On the Show — Daniel Harary

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Gene Steinberg

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Dan Harary Headshot 2023.pngDaniel Harary is a noted Hollywood publicist and the owner of The Asbury PR Agency of Beverly Hills, CA (since 1996), and an author of three books to date, "Flirting with Fame," "Carrots," and "After They Came." His first book recounts the following: A native of Ocean Township, NJ, Dan worked as Stage Manager at the legendary Sunshine Inn concert hall in Asbury Park in the early 1970’s, with such now iconic musicians as Bruce Springsteen, KISS and Fleetwood Mac. Dan graduated Boston University, worked at Columbia Pictures/New York, and relocated to Los Angeles in 1980. His first post in Hollywood was as an Assistant at the American Film Institute; he then landed in-house PR positions with the Playboy Channel, Columbia Pictures Television, and two top Hollywood entertainment PR agencies, before launching his own PR Agency in 1996. During the course of the past 40 years, Dan has also rubbed shoulder with hundreds of the entertainment industry’s biggest stars from film, TV and music.

Dan's third book, "After They Came," is a novel that provides a futuristic version of how we'll learn for sure that we are not alone. The book is presently making an impact within the U.S. UFO Research community and has been endorsed by several well-known UFO experts, including Nick Pope, Richard Dolan, Travis Walton and Kathleen Marden. Dan is a three time UFO Experiencer, a longtime UFO researcher, and a member of the global MUFON/LA UFO Research Organization. He believes his late father may have been involved with UFO reverse engineering during his 45 years working as an Electronics Engineer for the U.S. Army at Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey.

Recording Date (including After The Paracast):
Wednesday, April 12 at 2:30 PM Pacific (5:30 PM Eastern)
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Broadcast and Streaming Date:
April 16, 2023
During the show, Daniel mentions a new movie coming out from James Fox.

Actually it's from Ron James. Two many "James." :)

Here's the trailer:

Speaking of what, Ron James will be on The Paracast in an episode set for April 30th, with a recording date of April 26. We'll have the announcement thread for your questions up soon.