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On the Show — Brian Allan

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Gene Steinberg

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Brian Allan.jpgBrian Allan As a result of a very early close encounter with the otherworld, Brian Allan has had a lifelong interest in all kinds of paranormal and occult phenomena. Although he had initially confined his interest in the subject to a passive role, involving study via books etc, it is only in the past 45 years or so that he actually became involved in an active ‘hands on’ basis. During this period of time he has witnessed at first hand some genuinely remarkable phenomena and has also met some truly remarkable and talented people.

So far he has written twelve books, all dealing with various aspects of paranormal in one way or another, and he is currently the editor-in-chief of the well-known international online publication, Phenomena Magazine. He has also been privileged to receive Strange Phenomena Investigations prestigious Tartan Skull award for services to Ufology and the paranormal in Scotland. All back issues of Phenomena Magazine, which is absolutely free, can be accessed at www.phenomenamagazine.co.uk

Some of his books include: "Heretics: Past and Present: Can We Now Explain the Unexplainable?," "Strange Skies: Strange Eyes: The Paranormal, Ufology and Everyday Magick," "Project Phenomena: Evaluating the Paranormal." and his most recent, "Book of Secrets: Aliens, Ghosts and Ancient Mysteries," published by Flying Disk Press.

About "Book of Secrets": The world abounds with paranormal and alien encounters that frequently cross over into the truly bizarre realm of high-strangeness. There have been many attempts to explain these mind-bending phenomena, but even now no one has all the answers. With the US government finally admitting that many of the unexplained sightings of UFO craft may be examples of alien technology, we are emerging into a new era; that of a "Unified Theory of the Paranormal" that may provide answers for many of these puzzles. "Book of Secrets, Aliens, Ghosts and Ancient Mysteries" examines several of these ancient curiosities, such as "The Vimana Antigravity Enigma," "The Nephilim: Messengers of the Gods," "Time-travel and the Strange Case of John Titor," "Planet Power: The Strange Uses of Earth Energies" and even "Secrets of The Vatican Archives" and tries to offer an explanation for them. It involves the ancient eastern concept of ‘oneness’ recognized by our forefathers, long before the arcane physics of quantum mechanics demonstrated its reality. This book will appeal to both newcomers to the subject, yet still add to the knowledge of long term researchers.

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Wednesday, February 1 at 11:00 AM Pacific (2:00 PM Eastern)
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Broadcast and Streaming Date:
February 5, 2023
Then again, claiming to remember a UFO encounter at age 2.5 is a bit much. I remember just one thing from my early childhood, lying in a crib while everyone else was in another room. And I wasn't in a happy mood.

End of memory.

So as you see, there were no UFOs, no ET, no large black objects rushing towards me (no, that occurred much later).