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'New species' of ancient human unearthed in Ethiopia

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10.5 Million year old human

A friend sent me a link to Cremo's Hidden History of the Human Race video on You Tube. Here is my response.

Michael Cremo and I had e-mail contact about a decade ago. I sent him a book I did on human origins and he did one shortly thereafter which was more sane than this one (The Hidden History of the Human Race). It is very good but support only came from Bhaktivedanta Press after he spent ten years trying everywhere. I think they caused him to emphasize the extremes.

But in the matter of human origins we definitely have real researchers (Dalhousie University) going behind the Leakey Gang of Yale (Skull and Bones) and finding 6.5 million y/o advanced hominids. This guy had been thrown in jail on one occasion and he says he thinks he saw things which if allowed access would prove 9 million. That is close to the 10.5 Cremo and the commenter you quote say. I have seen 12 Million in mystical sources, but that might be an ape. Where the line is drawn - is part of the issue. A mammalian mouse found in China dated over 25 million years ago is not a human origin, for example.

He had agreement to be published in Nature Magazine but they did not and simply ran with another Leakey gang 'discovery' dated just a little older than their last - 3.5 million and advanced about the same as the Dalhousie guy. I believe Leakey people are very conservative since Louis Leakey was raked over the coals when he said he found 200 - 250,000 year old arrowheads near the shores of the old Salton Sea near one of my accounts near Barstow California. Those people set up a better interpretative center I hear.

My contacts in Inyo near Bishop California, were developed fifteen years later. There is a good thread at World-Mysteries on Inyo.

And more comes all the time. When you see Johanson getting excited that means a lot. Not only did he discover Lucy but he has said he stopped drawing human family trees a long time ago. He said it when they found super robustus or the Black Skull.

Could super robustus be part of the Neanderthal to Denisovan lineage? I regard Neanderthal as being a participant in the current Homo Sapiens Sapiens and if super robustus is part of our family tree we might be older than Lucy. This discovery alone puts us almost as old as Lucy who is not regarded as a Homo (of any sort).


"In some ways, the Black Skull wasn’t at all like the other Paranthropus species and was instead more similar to the older, more primitive Australopithecus afarensis: It had a flat skull base, a shallow jaw joint, a protruding face and a small brain (410 cubic centimeters). In contrast, P. boisei and P. robustus had an angled skull base, a deep jaw joint, a flat face and a somewhat larger brain (500 to 545 cc)—all traits that they shared in common with early Homo. If P. boisei and P. robustus evolved from the more primitive P. aethiopicus, it means they share features with early Homo due to parallel evolution–that is, both lineages independently evolved similar cranial characteristics."

What Was the Black Skull? | Science | Smithsonian