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My Paranormal Experiences


First Minister of Uncommon Sense

I have had several encounters with the paranormal throughout my life. The first one happened in autumn, 1979 when I was around 8 years old. My parents had picked me up from Beaver Scouts (a pre-cursor to Wolf Cubs and Boy Scouts for younger children). We were driving around 8:00 down a residential street here in Whitby, Ontario (a subburb of Toronto). I was looking up at the sky and saw that a large rectangular space was a shade lighter than the rest of it, and moving very slowly approximately 200 yards above us. I pointed to it and asked my mom what I was looking at. After a moment, I remember my mom finally seeing it and asking my father "My god, what the hell is that?" My father, who served 3 years at Fort Jay, NY in the 1960s had no idea. I was as long as a football field and made no noise. It kept a constant speed and just kept going across the sky. To this day I have no idea what it was.

The second encounter was the most terrifying in my life. I had originally submitted it to Obiwan's UFO Free Paranormal Page (http://www.ghosts.org/stories/test/viewstory.php?sid=784) and was later published in Barbara Smith's Ontrario Ghost Stories. There is a place just north of here called Salem's Lot (like the Stephen King story). There is a lot of local folklore associated with the 'Lot, and in high school we used to go there to party and scare our girlfriends. However, nothing I had ever heard about the 'Lot would prepare me for what happened a few years later.

Around the summer of '93, I was driving around with a friend of mine when we decided to go look for the old party spot. We drove to the old access road to find it... gone. Strangely, in the 5 or so intervening years since I had been there last, the road/driveway had disappeared. We pulled the car over and decided to walk in to investigate. For whatever reason, we had a bag with us with a knife and a dime-store copy of Simon's Necronomicon in a bag we took with us. We walked between the rows of cedar trees that ran beside where the old road used to be. As we walked, the path turned and we found ourselves on the old road. Looking back towards the car, we could see someone had taken great trouble to cut all the branches so they hung over the road, and piled deadfalls over the old roadway. It looked as if someone didn't want anyone going down that road again.

As we walked further, we found the remains of the old mill that we used to come to and party. At the point of the old mill, the trail continued north-east and forked over the old dam out into the woods. My friend got kind of caught up in the old stories about the place, and decided to carve a symbol from the Necronomicon on the ground with the knife, thinking it would scare any kids coming up there to party. He started to carve the symbol on the ground and found that there was asphalt a few inches under the soil. We wondered why would anyone pour asphalt in the middle of the woods? Instantly the stories of cultists sprung to mind. We thought there may be a body or something buried there and decided to dig up whatever it was.

We made slow progress with using the knife and our hands. As it was evening when we started, we soon found it was getting too dark to see what we were doing. As such, we lit two small campfires to better what we were doing. As it got darker, we found the fires were no longer helping. I suggested to Jay that we go back to my house and get a flashlight and shovel. To this day, I have no idea what possessed me to want to dig this hole so bad, but Jay seemed as eager as I was and agreed to go to my house for the aforementioned items.

By now it was dark out. Worried about forest fires, we threw dirt from the hole on the remains of the fires. As the last glow of the fires was extinguised, we heard what sounded like a large dog barking across the cornfield that ran alongside the pathway. Within a few seconds, it went from sounding like a single dog into an entire pack of dogs coming toward us, fast. In the space of what was maybe 30 seconds, what sounded like a single dog had went from sounding a mile away to a massive pack of dogs less than 30 yards away, tearing something to pieces that just would not die. At this point, the sound was louder than any concert I have ever been to. I turned to Jay (who had a look of complete horror on his face) and screamed at him. I couldn't hear my own voice over the sound, but when Jay's eyes met mine, he turned and ran toward the car.

The next thing I remember is tripping and falling over underbrush. The woods were in an unnatural silence. Not a cricket chirped in the summer night. We made it back to the car and jumped in. I turned the key and started the engine. However, none of the lights worked when I turned them on. I hit the gas and tore off down the road. When we got about 100 feet away, the lights came on by themselves. We drove around aimlessly for about half an hour before I pulled over and asked Jay what the hell happened. Neither of us have had an explaination to this day as to what it was that chased us from the 'Lot on that summer night 15 years ago.

About a year after I posted this story to Obiwan's page, I received an email from someone who had an experience similar to mine in central Ontario. The author claimed he was camping at a remote cabin when he and three friends were terrorized by "insane laughter" that started a ways away, and circled their cabin all night. He said the laughter was louder than a concert as well, and kept going until the next dawn. One of his friends broke down crying in terror during his experience. Needless to say, I found his story very disturbing to say the least.

I have another story about the lot that happened a couple years later that was witnessed by three others besides me. I'll post it tomorrow night as I have typed enough for one night. I hope you've enjoyed these so far. Any theories or comments on these experiences would be much appreciated.


Skilled Investigator
It sounds very scary and freaky. Sorry no theories about this one. Do you think whatever the dogs barking sounds were didn't want you guys to find whatever it is you were looking for?

Have you listened to Jeremy's show about fairies? I think someone meantioned soemthing aobut a dog or dogs barking in it The show was difficult to hear.


Paranormal Novice
Definitely very creepy. My Grandpa used to dig graves for his local community. He used to terrorize me and my older brother in our younger years with stories about howling dogs and screaming...things.. while he, and his friend and co-worker, were grave digging.

Sadly my grandpa passed on a few years ago, and during his wake, there were stories of all the paranormal things he'd encountered. During the conversation, it came to light from my Grandma that the stories he told me and my brother were actual accounts of things that had happened to him while he was digging as soon as a call came in, seemingly they were on call at any time of the day or night, as per the local priests wishes.

thanks for sharing your story, i look forward to the second chapter of it!



First Minister of Uncommon Sense
As promised, here's part two....

A couple years after the dog incident (around '95), a few of us were looking to have a Halloween bonfire. After hearing about the 'devil dogs', three of my friends wanted to go to the 'Lot. I was initially dead-set against the idea, but eventually after peer-pressure (and complete lack of any reasonable alternative) I gave in.

John, Bob, Marty and myself arrived at around 4:30-5:00. The cedars to the party spot. As I stated in the last story, there is a fork in the trail that heads over the dam at the old mil, and then continues to a ring of trees with a fire pit in the middle. We decided we would party there and started toward the mill. At some point, Marty remembered that he had been to the 'Lot before and there were some old cabins just off the path. He walked off the path and went looking to see if he could find them. The rest of us continued on toward the old mill.

As we came to a slight bend in the path that led to the mill (just before the spot were Jay and I were digging two years earlier), a young woman came out of the woods in front of us, nearly walking right into John. She was blonde, approximately 18 years old and wearing a white dress. She was covered in dirt from head to toe and was missing a sock on one foot and a shoe on the other. John nearly jumped 10 feet in the air as he came face-to-face with her. She had a look of complete panic on her face and quickly passed us on the trail as she headed back towards the road.

As the three of us tried to come to terms with what we just witnessed, Marty rejoined the group. After we told him what happened, he started thinking we were playing a Halloween prank on him and started getting mad. As Marty was at times prone to violence, we dropped the matter and continued to the fire pit to collect wood for the party that night.

After about an hour or so it was getting dark, so we decided to go home for dinner and let everyone know to come to the 'Lot after dinner for the bonfire. We started back down the path towards the car. As we started down the row of cedars toward the road, Marty started saying "Oh here comes that chick!" and laughing. Right after he said it, the girl walked back out of the shadows towards us. Marty nearly jumped out of his skin, saying how he thought we were making it up. The girl walked past us on the path, then turned and started following us. Marty kept asking her if she was OK, but she just silently followed about 5 feet behind us as we made our way towards the car. Finally, when we got to the road, I turned and asked her, "Hey, do you need a ride someplace."

To this she replied, "No, I am quite fine right here," and headed back into the woods.

On the way back as we discussed what we had just experienced, we came to numerous explainations. Initially, I thought she was a rape victim. But if she was, why would she follow four men afterwards? She had no visible car nor way to get there, so we ruled out a high school prank. Finally Marty pointed out that despite being covered in mud, she had looked like she was wearing an old-fashioned wedding dress. Finally, John stated, "if you ask me, she looked like she dug herself out of her own grave."

Since then, I have not been back to the 'Lot after dark. There is just something malignant about the area, like the land has gone sour. However, it should be noted that since that time, houses have been built just up to the edge of the lot. While the 'Lot still remains, I have often wondered what the new homeowners might experience living on the edge of a place like that.