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More Possibilities for Life in Space

This article demonstrates there are even more places for life to grow and flourish, even without sunlight:

Very good but look at this.
Wish I was younger. These revelations are coming a little late for me to consider the consequences in the next few decades as we discover more of what lies out there.
Well I'm the same Gene but then I think to myself back in 1974 I was a real Audiophile. Now I can buy a pair of £200 Bluetooth headphones and get that sound through my phone.
It's progress I can remember my Grandfather telling me of going to see a movie called things to come back in the Thirties and him being amazed.
Now most of those things are true,with the exception of the robots but we're getting there.
The exoplanet with the magnetic field is too hot for life, but at least this proves a prerequisite for habitability exists elsewhere. Moons of rogue planets might be warm enough but it could be a precarious existence, if sufficient warmth requires a moon be near the Roche limit.