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Montauk project


Paranormal Maven
Take a sit, don't drink anything as you may spit it accidentally. You've been warned! It's Saturday and if you want to take a laugh - here is your chance. For my money this guy needs help, help of a good sport trainer and psychotherapist.

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PS. I remember watching the movie about Philadelphia Experiment back in late 80s when I was a teen and I was really fascinating with the story and I still am but these couple definitely doesn't help to find a truth of what was happened.
This guy is a creep.

Deprogramming="tantric massage"=jerking off. He's convinced a lot a young men they were "Montauk Boys" and "deprogrammed" them..... nuff said.
I only watched the first 10 minutes but I am somewhat familiar with this story. Both of these guys look like they have been part of a mind control experiment or they are just good actors.

I was wondering if you have heard that the Montauk books by these two guys was connected to scientology? I read this or heard it online somewhere.

Something rings true to me about this story but I don't buy the entire thing.
What the hell is in the guy on the left's pants? Does that 'Star Trek' sweater on the right totally do it for him or what?
Here's a peek at how Preston Nichols lives these days...

Total. Fucking. Loon.

This guy just creeps the hell out of me. And I've come across some certifiable creeps in my life. I don't know just what it is exactly, but something clearly ain't right.

Maybe it's that neck.... nahh, it's a whole lot more than that.
I was wondering if you have heard that the Montauk books by these two guys was connected to scientology? I read this or heard it online somewhere.


Yep. I haven't read any of the books, nor clicked on the vid in this Thread, but one of his books (Montauk Book of The Dead) detail his involvement with scn...I'm not sure if both the authors were in, but I think Peter was...

Someone said that the people who claim to have been part of the Montauk project are like people who were playing a role - playing game that got out of hand...

Is there such a thing as weirdness addiction?

I think maybe there is.

Here is a website dedicated to the debunking of Al Bielek who is famous for being connected to the Philadelphia Experiment, and is also connected to the Montauk Project stuff.

I've read some of the Montauk Project stuff, and it really does scream nonsense into your every orifice. There's a bunch of this ... stuff on the scribd.com website, and I've managed to read a small amount of it before dislodging my brain.

Anyway, here is the link for the Al Bielek Debunked website:


Enjoy ... is not entirely the word I was thinking of ... :D but anything else would probably shock the donkeys or something :D