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Paranormal Novice
Special Notes for Our Listeners: All right, is it possible that at least some UFO sightings are actually secret government experiments of some sort? Before you jump on us for saying such a thing, consider this: Back when he was actually seriously interested in UFOs, Jim Moseley, editor of the irreverent newsletter, "Saucer Smear," actually entertained such a theory for several years.

Yes, .... scientists.

Over ..... there.

It's also well known that the U.S. government has experimented on its own citizens through the years in unsavory ways, and I sometimes wonder if some of the early UFO contacts were, in fact, caused by government agents rather than possible aliens from other worlds.

Years ago, contactee Howard Menger, thought of as the "Jersey Adamski," said that he had come to the conclusion that he might have been a victim of just such an experiment.

Although such researchers as Stanton Friedman don't want to hear this, I also sometimes wonder about the Barney and Betty Hill UFO encounter. They lived near a military base, and military personnel were among their close friends. They might have been the ideal couple to be subjected to just such an experiment. Since some elements of their experiences weren't revealed until they underwent hypnotic regression, you wonder if a combination of hypnosis, drugs, and perhaps actors and props would combine to simulate a UFO contact.

The whole scene somehow reminds me of the strange stunts the Mission Impossible crew would pull on the fabled TV show to coerce enemies to reveal their secrets or discredit themselves. You see less of that in the movie series with Tom Cruise, but that was the main focus of the original concept.

All right, it's easy to think that I've just taken leave of my senses all over again, and maybe you're right.

But I still wonder.

Gene Steinberg

Gene, its odd you bring this up about Friedman's belief and The Hill 'Double' Abduction. Joe Montaldo, founder of ICAR - International Community for Alien Research (not David Jacobs group) came out on Toast to Toast in an interview, 8 or more months ago, making the statement, more or less to George, that the Hill Abduction, as we know it, smacks of MILAB workings and that, (piecing more of the puzzle together later) the actual Alien abduction occurred the night before, in Canada. So, 'Alien' abduction, then 'MILAB' abduction over a 2 day period.

Maybe a month or so after Joe's statements were made, people start picking up on it, investigated it and then begin using the theory themselves. I listened to at least 4-5 of your guests mention it, but no one seems to credit Joe Montaldo for the Statement.

Continue your great work Guys!

Bill aka taldwarf
I never heard the Joe Montaldo interview or even of his organization. It's just something I came up with after being reminded of the fact that the Hills lived near a military base and had a number of friends in the military. It seemed a logical connection, though one that hasn't been discussed very often.
Taldwarf, you may be interested in the July 8th 2007 episode of the Paracast. In it, Gene suggests to Kathleen Marden and Stanton Friedman that the Hills may have been the victims of a MILAB experiment, as a result of their military connections. If you haven't heard the episode, here's the direct link.

Another aspects of MILAB's that hasn't been discussed too much is what happens at some UFO conferences. It seems that some of the contactees or abductees in the group, including myself, expereinced several nights of strange abduction-like experiences.

I don't know for sure what the source of these experiences were but I suspect it was of a human nature.

I hope I am not scaring anyone away form attending these conferences. I know most of my posts have been negative concerning these events.

I am glad I attended all the confernces that I have. It is a mix bag of eveythng.
The problem with that concept is that there's too much time amassed between the event and now, the contactees/abductees have both passed away and were left with the 'sure bets' of Stanton, that this couldn't have occurred, 'that way!'
I think we need to open up, whats left of the current cases to reexamine them and look for all possibly answers.
Perhaps, it's time for your show to invite Joe Montaldo on for an interview, since he is an abductee and has 25 years in the biz and the organization ICAR, amassed some 7,000 or more case reports, much larger than MUFON's case reports. He's interviewed anyone whose anyone in UFOlogy (he detests that term), with the exception of you guys.

Listened to it, Siani. Fantastic job as always Gene and David.

Good points Ally.
Hi there, I'm just going to jump right in. I haven't posted here in probably a couple of years. (I received an email from the site here to come on back, lol, so I did)

I had the same thought, for the first time, when reading Friedman's and Marden's book on the Hills. When I read that they had friends in the military . . . a little buzzer went off in my head.

I've also long thought that the experiences of the Contactees were, in many ways, manipulated or urged along, by government factions.

The whole MILAB theory isn't a popular one, and I don't think it explains everything, but I do think it's a part of what's going on, particularly with contactees and abductees.
A time line for mind control research, what little we even know in the way of research and development, might help. If reports of our having microwave technology back in 1947 is true, would it have been used in later mind control research? We've read about the drugs tested in a Canadian hospital in previous decades. I try to keep a time line in my head, but I forget dates and haven't bothered to write anything down.

Regardless that Jim Sparks' story seems too fantastic to be true, he does mention military involvement in his tales of abduction. That he doesn't seem to question it really makes that buzzer in my head go off.

Karla Turner was terribly suspicious when seeing military figures in her abductions. Whitley Striebers relatives were in the military. I once read an abductee's account of her abduction becoming a military enterprise when a machine failed in the middle of things. She saw greys disappear and found military men in their place as they issued a big "uh oh" and the abduction suddenly seemed to get back on course. So I wonder if the subject is unpopular because it's just too dangerous to investigate.
Dr John Mack said to me something like this if it is the aliens doing these things people can think Oh they just don't know better and may not mean to harm people, where if it is the humans that are involved the psychological trauma is worse.