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Mexican Alien Corpses


Paranormal Maven
I suppose many of you have been following this strange Mexican story about little alien corpses. (Reuters)

I myself thought is as a total hoax, but now they did CT scan, and it says its not built from parts at least. So if its a hoax, its extremely well made.
Any thoughts, what it will end up to be? Aliens?


Paranormal Maven
Indeed, the whole thing is suspect. However they did allow CT scan, and next I'd minimally expect DNA etc testing (although that is not by any means conclusive unless it says something known like human or marmoset etc)

I do put it in the category "interesting" at the moment.

Tim Swartz

Staff member
Steve Mera, who has been on The Paracast, travelled to Peru when these "bodies" were first in the news (pre-pandemic) to conduct a detailed analysis. He said the bodies are definitely a hoax made up of a hodge-podge of animal bones.

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
A former business partner in the 1970s ruefully told me you can't be honest and make money. I ended ump selling the business to him, but he never paid the full amount he owed. So I guess he was right, at least for him.