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Meterologist/Astronomer Eamon Ansbro's UFO Findings and Quantum Superluminal ET Contact System

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Paranormal Novice
This guy is a real breath of fresh air. Or at least I thought so. I'm not a scientist or even a good scientifically minded layman, but it seems he is at least well versed in hard science and makes at very least a great show of making it appear that he has applied his knowledge and expertise to investigating ufos. He say he has done much research and publication in academic circles regarding AFO's (Anomalous Flying Objects) and published over 36 papers in closed circles over the years. He seems to only now in the last year be going public.

He seems, according to what he says, to have been a scientist who stumbled onto UFOs when asked by an observatory to look into many sightings that staff were having. He says that in his initial work he noticed many similarities in the many sightings he studied and to him it became interesting and indicated there seemed to be some real phenomena going on.

He went on to set up and track objects in the upper atmosphere and found that these objects were releasing smaller objects which had many of the characteristics that people describe when seeing ufos.

Since there are no threads about Mr. Ansbro on this site that I can find I thought I would post about this guy. While I really am fascinated by his approach and what he has to say, I am still not sure if he is the real deal or not, especially the quantum technology he claims to have developed, seems there is a lot leeway for quackery there. That aside, seems he has a lot of challenging and interesting ideas about ufos.

Curious what people on this forum might have to say about what he presents and talks about in these two videos.

He will have a lecture in the Ireland where I am currently located in a few weeks that I will attend and try to record. I have actually some additional plans about that but can talk in near future more. Stay tuned.
Interesting, but it seems a lot more like pseudoscience and grand speculation rather than science, especially with the quantum & psychic woo stuff, and anyone who gives Greer even a passing mention as someone credible throws up a yellow flag for me. The idea that scientists can't use the term "UFO" also betrays heavy bias ( which is contrary to the practice of objective science ). To be clear: That's not his fault, but acquiescing to it IMO contributes to the stigmatization. Nevertheless there's still a mix of ideas and work done that makes his involvement worthy of taking note, if not just to keep tabs on who's doing what ( as opposed to buying into it ). So thanks for posting !
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