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May 3, 2020 — Stephen Williams — Ghost Investigator

Gene Steinberg

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Staff member
Memphis ghost investigator Stephen Williams says he and his group also try to "save" departed spirits.

You'll learn the fascinating details on this week's episode.

We also asked Stephen to continue the discussion on this weekend's edition of After The Paracast.

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Finally had time to listen to the show. The guest Stephen Williams had an interesting personal "backstory" and delivered the account of his experiences, past and present, with articulate and measured words. A good guest. And a very important subject matter in my opinion. (In keeping with my long held conclusion that "are external alien beings from other-where interacting with Earth today?" and "Is there an afterlife?" being the most important questions, it seems.)

The subject matter is fascinating and difficult for me to assess in any meaningful way. I do tend towards suspecting that the general landscape or physical reality is something like that described by the guest. Okay, if we assume this to be the case, for the sake of argument, then one sees the need for extraordinary changes in all aspects of human endeavor and behavior. The possibility of a human detached consciousness, after death, left wandering or lost or trapped are disturbing. Perhaps this is why the concepts of afterlife and spirits / consciousness are rejected so forcefully? The sheer horror of it? I really don't know. It is all too easy to critique the human condition.

But what if...?

If what the guest Stephen described and stated is somewhat true, then, one also must recognize the utter and abject failure of organized religion in attending to these trapped spirits and "shepherding" them onward. Shouldn't priests of all faiths, then, be gifted psychics to begin with? Common sense demands it. What's in their "toolbox" absent this innate ability then? Mere texts and ritual? How tragically inadequate. (I recall another guest on the Paracast some years ago, the name escapes me, who suggested that, in their experience, the rites and paraphernalia of organized religions only seem to push the misguided human spirit further away into the darkness, not solving anything at all...? This would have been a good question to ask Stephen and see his opinion etc.,)

Other musings: Then I think of the Navajo and all the other deeply connected spiritual peoples - their societies are not cluttered up with wandering spirits.. are they? I can't conceive of their elders and spiritual healers not attending to the departed on a one-on-one basis at the time of death. What does it mean, then, if buildings and cities are literally filled with anguished spirits "left behind" with no one to help them? Does it mean that other societies that deal with their spirits have a "psychic landscape" that is cleaner that that of a society which does nothing? And what, if any, are the consequences of this? If a land is crowded with suffering ghosts... can this impinge upon the living in any way? The questions that could be raised are numerous and profound and, surely, have been addressed by many writers in the past.