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Maury Island activities....

Sighing Flosser

Skilled Investigator
My wife and I are visiting Maury Island this weekend. Can anyone suggest fun stuff to do there? I'm definitely going to hit up any used book stores I can find. Does anyone know if there's a museum dedicated to the Maury Island sightings, or any kind of memorial?
The sighting was controversial and barely registers these days. It was mainly featured in one book and some articles and chapters. Doubt many there even know of it.
IIRC Ruppelt, as long ago as the '50s, not only dismissed Maury Island as a hoax but considered it the "dirtiest in UFO history." On KDR's blog, the case was ripped to shreds years ago. I don't think any informed believer accepts it.
That said, the hoax served a purpose. The Alien Grand Design has quite a take on that.
Ah yes, and that Ruppelt was speaking, too, of Ray Palmer's involvement in the investigation. And you can imagine how Palmer reacted in his editorials in Flying Saucers magazine.